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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wonderful Win: The Knot Fairy

The Knot Fairy (book and audio cd) by Bobbie Hinman, Illustrated by Kristi Bridgeman

Publisher: Best Fairy Books

I won this from Shannon over at Confuzzled Books. She has a Refer a Book Weekend every week where she usually asks for a topic or genre for a referral - then whoever's book she chooses to read next wins! Go and play!

About the book: An enchanting book about a mischievous little fairy dressed in pajamas and fuzzy slippers. She visits children while they sleep and is responsible for the knots and tangles in their hair. With its captivating illustrations, this magical story comes alive, revealing a less practical and more magical explanation for tangled hair. After all, who better to blame it on than the fairies? The easy-to-read verse makes this book a favorite among beginning readers as well as toddlers. Includes audio CD of story and original fairy song. (from Barnes and Noble website)

About the author: Bobbie Hinman has a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and, along with her 10 grandchildren, is right at home when it comes to children's literature. She loves to read to her grandchildren and tell them stories, especially ones about the fanciful world of fairies. Bobbie's grandchildren have helped her discover some of the practical and more magical explanations for tangled hair and other mysterious "happenings". After all, who better to blame it on than the fairies?

About the illustrator: Kristi Bridgeman was raised in a family of artists and gardeners. She whiled away many childhood hours in the garden, looking for fairies. It was at the ripe age of six that she decided to become an artist. After going to art college, attending classes and workshops, and taking a little hiatus to raise her children, Kristi is now realizing her dream. She is actively involved with the environment, children and the arts. Kristi's trademark sepia effect is created with a 'green-friendly' quill pen.

The Knot Fairy
Publisher/Publication Date: Best Fairy Books, Jan 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9786791-0-1
32 pages
Ages 4-8

Barnes & Noble

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Anonymous said...

This looks adorable! I always wondered where the tangles came from! :--)


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