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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deadly Charm by Claudia Mair Burney (Book Review)

Title: Deadly Charm (an amanda bell brown mystery)
Author: Claudia Mair Burney
Publisher: Howard Books/Simon & Schuster
Genre: Christian Fiction
Available: Now

First sentence: Rocky showed up at my apartment door with an offer that, in his words, I "no coulda refuse."

Dr. Amanda Bell Brown, or Bell to her friends, has been pretty lost without her husband Jazz. He had left her the day after they got married when he found her kissing her ex-boyfriend Rocky. Well, actually Rocky had kissed her. He did not know that she had gotten married and she was trying to let him know without causing more hurt.

Rocky was the pastor of the Rock House. Ezekial Thunder and his family were staying with Rocky while Ezekial was trying to jump start his ministry again. He had made a shambles of it a few years back when he had an affair with an intern. Since then his wife had passed away and he had married the intern, Nikki. Together they had a little boy, almost 3, by the name of Zeke or Little Zeekie. Ezekial had other children - all of whom were named some form of Ezekial.

Bell does not really care for Ezekial and Nikki, especially after her "exorcism" of her "interracial dating and adultery" demon at Ezekial's Crusade. It had ended badly with her vomiting right at the feet of Ezekial. This episode made it on CNN when they began covering the Thunders after Little Zeekie accidentally dies while taking a bath at Rocky's. Or was it an accident?

Bell decides that it is up to her to find out. She teams up with her detective husband, Jazz, whom she is still separated from, to try to find out the truth.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Bell was full of quick wit and a sarcastic tongue which brought a smile to my face quite often. I loved the banter between Jazz and Bell. They clearly loved each other but were both very proud and independent. Here is an excerpt of that banter:

I didn't move. "What are you doing?"
"Opening the door for you."
"Why didn't you drive over to where your car is?"
"I'm not ready to leave yet, Bell."
"What if I've had enough of you for one day?"
"Oh, I happen to know you can take more of me than that." He said this with a wicked grin.
"Is your head always in the gutter?"
He leaned toward me, his arm resting on the top of the Love Bug. "Get out of the car, baby."
"I know you're mad. We can talk inside."
"I don't want to talk to you."
"You asked me to look into this for you, and that is what I did. Will you get out of the car so I can tell you whatI accomplished this evening?"
I took a peek at him. "You were just working?"
"I was."
"You're not attracted to that Cruella De Vil stick figure?"
"And you don't think I'm too fat?"
"Bell, get out of the car. It's cold out here."
"You were supposed to say something romantic that made me believe you don't think I'm fat."
"Bell, if you don't step out of the Love Bug right now, I'm going to drag you upstairs."
"That fell way short of romantic, not to mention you still haven't said I'm not fat."
He sighed and rake his fingers through his hair. "You're not fat. I think you're stunning. You're so hot that I can hardly resist you, even though I'm still mad at you."
I grinned. "You think I'm hot?"
"Perhaps you should focus on my saying I'm still mad at you."
"You'll get over it. About me being hot. . ."
"You'll be hotter inside your apartment."
"Do you want to ravish me?"
"No. I want to throttle you. Please get out of the car."
I stepped a leg out. "I'm only letting you inside so you can report what happened with your girlfriend Nikki."
He moved back, took my hand, and helped me out of the car. "Fine."
"I don't want you getting fresh just because you're my husband. We're separated."
"You grill me about whether or not I want you, and now you insist that I not flirt with you."
"I have my standards." (pg 135-137)

This goes on all the way through the book. It cracked me up because I could so see arguing like this with my husband. Come back tomorrow for the First Wild Card Tour and read the first chapter!


Teddy Rose said...

Kristi with this review, you have now reached level 3 of the ARC Readers Challenge. The ARC Obsessed, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I wished I'd seen this earlier so I could have added it to the Christian Fiction Challenge. I have three more books to go and I am done! :)

This book sounds great!


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