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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sunday Salon 3-8-2009

The Sunday Salon.com

Well, this is my first Sunday Salon and what a week it has been. I participated in my first Book Carnival and gave away five of my ARCs that I had read and reviewed. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see my followers increase! It was also a lot of work though keeping track of all the different entries for each book - but I think that it was well worth it and look forward to doing it again in the future!

I had a lot of comments on my header (needlepoint wolves). Yes, I did stitch this myself. I hope to start showing some projects that I am working on from time to time in posts on my blog. I have yet to get those posts up and running in any sort of sensible time frame though! You can keep watch on my header though, as I will change it from time to time - probably based on the seasons - and everything that I show will be something that I have done myself.

I was able to review three books this week - Kiss by Ted Dekker, This Side of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury, and The Kingmaking by Helen Hollick (ok - random thought - these all had K's in them in prominent places - kind of weird as my initials are KKKH. . .)

I will be taking a little blogger holiday this week starting on Wednesday - but I hope to be able to generate some auto posts for the days when I will not be able to get to the computer! And look forward to lots of reviews when I come back next week!

Currently I am reading (and will be posting a review this week for First Wild Card Tours) The Stones by Eleanor Gustafson. This is a wonderful fiction book that tells all about the life of King David! I am also reading Marked By Passion by Kate Perry and A Lever Long Enough by Amy Deardon.

During my blogger holiday, while the rest of my family enjoys the snowy slopes of Big Powderhorn Mountain, I will be snuggled up by the fire reading any of the following books that I plan on taking with me: Seeing Red by Susan Crandall, Flirting with Temptation by Kelley St. John, Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson, Scream by Mike Delosso, Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline B. Cooney, To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis or Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans by Dan Baum. Does anyone have any recommendations on who I should start with? The only author that I have read before would be Melody Carlson.

Well, that about does it for me - Have a great week everyone!!

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bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a terrific holiday to me. I hope you enjoy it


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