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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thursday Thunks 3-5-2009

Time for this weeks set of questions from Thursday Thunks! Head on over here to play along!

1. This cat- Link- scary or cute?

I think the cat is cute - and you have to admit, the style looks a lot better than it does on this guy!

2. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reproducing again. Good idea or don't care?

Don't care - as I am sure they would feel if I was thinking of reproducing again. . .

3. Do you smile at strangers when you make eye contact?

I try to - especially if I think they are in a bad mood. It would either cheer them up, or make them more mad. . .

4. What percentage of your sarcasm isn't really sarcasm at all?

Probably about 50% - #3 might apply here.

5. If you were to be a dog breed, which breed would you be?

I would be a labradoodle - loyal, well-behaved, but unruly curly hair!

6. Go grab the closest book. Open up to page 27. What's the 4th sentence?

"I don't know about marital fidelity in Virginia, Delia, but marital fidelity among the British aristocracy is not a highly esteemed virtue. (Palace Circle)

7. When's the last time someone put one over on you, told you a story that you totally fell for when it wasn't anywhere near true?

My husband used to do this all the time - now we gang up and get our teenage daughters!

8. Ever seen Michael Jackson in person?
Would I want to?

9. Do you have a gut?

Not like I used to - after 3 kids and a year of Prednisone it's been worse!

10. What is one thing in your kitchen you have too many/too much of?

Chocolate - might help explain question 9.

11. Ever had a colon cleansing?

I was kidnapped once and taken aboard a UFO - they didn't call it this, but it was darn close! {see question 7 - Did I get you?}


Kimber said...

Great answers! Thanks for playing! :)

Tilli said...

Haha, love that last answer!

bermudaonion said...

Uh, no - that cat is not cute.

StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

LOL Love the answers, especially the last one!

Happy Thursday :) Mine is up here.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Who would ever want to see Michael Jackson at this point? Yuk. Have a great day...

Dianne said...

Love your last answer, but all were great!

Amber said...

Hahaha, a Labradoodle. How creative!
Happy Thursday

onangelwings said...

I wish I had too much chocolate. Is there really such a thing?


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