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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ARC Arrival: 31 Hours by Masha Hamilton

31 Hours by Masha Hamilton

Publisher: Unbridled Books

I received this book from Caitlin at Unbridled Books - Thanks Caitlin!

About the book: When Carol Meitzner jolts awake in the middle of a long night, she knows--as surely as a mother can know--that her son, Jonas, is in danger.

His girlfriend doesn't understand why, but she knows she has somehow lost him. Jonas won't answer his phone. And no matter how carefully she shapes them, he won't return her messages.

His father says it can't be as bad as they fear.

But it is.

Jonas is in a safe-house beneath The Brooklyn Bridge. There, in the belief that he can change the world, he ponders his new found faith--and his specialized training. Over the next 31 hours, he will cleanse himself, mind and body, in preparation for the violent action he means to take when the subways are most crowded.

Jonas's isolation brings on an inevitable cascade of events. And as this stunning novel moves through the streets and subways of New York we see how lives can accidentally intersect--and how they might tragically fail to.

Carried by Masha Hamilton's elegant and powerful prose, 31 Hours is a compelling story about the helplessness and frantic hope of the people who can save Jonas -- and countless other -- if only they can reach him in time. (book jacket)

About the author: Masha Hamilton is the author of three previous novels: Staircase of a Thousand Steps (2001), a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection; The Distance Between Us (2004), named one of the best books of the year by Library Journal; and The Camel Bookmobile (2007), of which the New York Times said: "Hamilton makes us see how much is really at stake in a poverty-stricken place where every possession carries the weight of significance."

Hamilton worked as a foreign correspondent for The Associated Press for five years in the Middle East, where she covered the intefadeh, the peace process and the partial Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. She then spent five years in Moscow, where she was a correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and NBC/Mutual Radio. She reported from Afghanistan in 2004 and returned in 2008. (Unbridled Books)

31 Hours
Publisher/Publication Date: Unbridled Books, Sept 2009
ISBN: 978-1-932961-83-6
229 pages


Missy said...

Sounds intense! I'm adding it to my wish list.

bermudaonion said...

Lucky duck! I've heard this is a good one.

Heidi V said...

I agree it does sound intense, I'm keep my eye out for it so I can read it.

Sheila Deeth said...

Oh wow. This one sounds seriously interesting.

Anonymous said...

I also have this one, and I'm really looking forward to it! I'll be interested in comparing notes (or reviews, in this case :-) ).


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