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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ARC Arrival: Fearless by Max Lucado

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Books.

About the book: We fear being sued, finishing last, going broke, the mole on the back, and the sound of the clock as it ticks us closer to the grave. Every season seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

And it feels dreadful. Fear sucks the life out of the soul, curls us into an embryonic state, and drains us dry of contentment.

Wouldn't it be great to escape it? What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats?

According to Jesus, this is possible. The one statement he made more than any other was this: "Don't be afraid." In this book, Max Lucado invites you to consider Jesus' invitation to courage.

Fear will always knock on your door. Just don't invite it in for dinner. And for heaven's sake, don't offer it a bed for the night.

The promise of Christ and the contention of these pages are simple: we can fear less tomorrow than we do today. (book jacket)

About the author: Max Lucado, Minister of Writing and Preaching for the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, is the husband of Denalyn and father of Jenna, Andrea, and Sara. In a good week, he reads a good book, has a few dinners with his wife, and breaks 90 on the golf course. He usually settles for the first two. (book jacket)

Publisher/Publication Date: Thomas Nelson, Sept 8, 2009
224 pages

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kristi! You lucky girl you! I've been aching to read this ever since I heard of it! I cannot wait! I'll love to read what you think =)


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