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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London (Book Review)

Title: Summer of Two Wishes
Author: Julia London
Publisher: Pocket Star

First sentence: The first time two U.S. Army Casualty Notification Officers came looking for Macy, it was to tell her that her husband Finn had died in Afghanistan.

My synopsis: Macy and Finn had the perfect marriage. He had fallen for her the first time he met her - even though they seemed worlds apart. She was a college student studying social work and he was a rancher raising cutting horses. He could not stop thinking of her after their chance meeting and worked up the courage to ask his buddy Mike to track down her number. There had never been anyone else for him. They married and began their life together. Then his buddy Mike was killed in Iraq - this is how why he decided to enlist.

Macy didn't believe in the war and begged Finn not to go - but he insisted that the ranch would run itself and he would be back in no time. No time was right - the officers showed up months later and told Macy that Finn had been killed by a suicide bomber. That they had his charred dogtags and DNA evidence that he had died. Macy drifted - not knowing what she was supposed to do with her life and the ranch now. She tried to keep it running, but she just couldn't, and there wasn't anyone who could help - so she gradually sold off the cattle and the horses and moved into an apartment. Her father introduced her to Wyatt and pressured her to go a date with him to help him with a land deal he was trying to close. Wyatt fell for Macy and helped her to want to live again. Three years and 2 months after Finn left Texas, Macy and Wyatt married.

Seven short months later Army Officers were once again looking for Macy. This time it was to tell her they were so sorry but they had made a mistake. Finn was indeed alive. He had been held captive by the Taliban and had recently escaped and made his way to the coalition forces. Macy is overjoyed to know that Finn is alive. Slowly reality sets in...she is in love with and married, to two men. Either she needs to file divorce papers with Finn to stay married to Wyatt or she needs to file a suit to declare her marriage to Wyatt is void and say married to Finn. Which is the right choice?

My thoughts: I really enjoyed reading this book. Though it dealt with what would be a heartbreaking situation, it was a quick read. The ending was somewhat predictable, but there were some twists in there that kept me turning the pages. During parts of the book I found myself rooting for Finn and Macy - and then I would be a little further along and I would be rooting for Wyatt and Macy - and then the pages would turn and I would be bad mouthing Wyatt again - It was really a lot of fun!

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Summer of Two Wishes
Publisher/Publication Date: Pocket Star, Aug 18, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4165-4708-2
432 pages

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bermudaonion said...

Glad you enjoyed this book - it does sound like a good one!


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