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Friday, August 28, 2009

ARC Arrival: Travel Writing by Peter Ferry

Travel Writing by Peter Ferry

Publisher: Mariner Books

About the book: Pete Ferry, our narrator, teaches high school English in the wealthy suburb of Lake Forest, outside Chicago, and moonlights as a travel writer. On his way home after work one evening he witnesses a car accident that kills a beautiful woman named Lisa Kim. But was it an accident? Could Pete have prevented it? And did it actually happen, or is this just an elaborate tale he concocts to impart the power of story to his teenage students? Why can't he stop thinking about Lisa Kim? And what might his obsession with her mean to his relationship with his girlfriend, Lydia?

With humor, tenderness, and suspense, Travel Writing takes readers on fascinating journeys, both geographical and psychological, and delves into the notion that the line between fact and fiction is often negotiable. (back cover)

About the author: Peter Ferry is a teacher, writer, and editor. His short stories have appeared in StoryQuarterly, Fiction, the New Review of Literature, and McSweeney's. He has won the Illinois Arts Council Literary Award for Short Fiction. Ferry lives in Evanston, Illinois. (back cover)

Travel Writing
Publisher/Publication Date: Mariner Books, July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-15-603392-3
304 pages

1 comment:

Edna said...

I would live to win this book, probably make me sad if it is about an accident, but God will take care.

May God bless



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