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Friday, September 11, 2009

Abbeville by Jack Fuller (book review)

Title: Abbeville
Author: Jack Fuller
Publisher: Unbridled Books

First sentence: Even when I was a child, Abbeville seemed too small.

My synopsis: George Bailey (yes, George Bailey) was having a hard time in the failing economy. His company wasn't thriving and neither was his son. He set out on kind of a sabbatical to Abbeville - a little town in which his Grandpa Karl had prospered and helped build before The Great Depression hit.

The story is told by George, but it jumps back and forth to his grandfather Karl - starting out with his life as a teen. He became a man logging at his Uncle's company in Northern Michigan. This also gave him a love for the river and fly fishing. After returning to Chicago from the logging camp, he learned how to be a trader - again at his Uncle's company. When he learns that the girl he pined for is in Chicago, he sets out to win her. With his savings and his girl - he returns to Abbeville and helps it to prosper. This includes bringing electricity to the town to opening a bank. During the Great Depression, I think it was really owning the bank that did him in.

George tries to find a rhythm in all this, feeling as if he has come full circle. He and his family had been doing well - and now - he has had to pull his son out of his private school and is barely bringing home a paycheck. He is looking for answers by revisiting his grandfather's life.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this book. They kept coming back to the river, and that is what this book reminded me of. It flowed along smoothly, but had some bumps that you didn't expect along the way. Good read for a lazy day.

Publisher/Publication Date: Unbridled Books, August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-932961-90-4
272 pages

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bermudaonion said...

I love the way you described the book!


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