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Saturday, September 26, 2009

ARC Arrival: Smart But Feeling Dumb by Harold N. Levinson, M.D.

Smart but Feeling Dumb:
New Understanding and Dramatic Treatment for Dyslexia (LD/ADD) - Revised and Updated
by Harold N. Levinson, M.D.

Publisher: Stonebridge Publishing

About the book: Utilizing the collective understanding derived from scores of his successfully treated and presented dyslexic patients - typical of over 35,000 highly informative others, a world renowned neuropsychiatric pioneer provides readers with the first and only comprehensive solution to the century-old riddles and misconceptions characterizing this previously misunderstood disorder.

Now estimated at affecting well over 20% of the world population - involving more than 40 million Americans, Dr. Levinson's groundbreaking insights within this newly updated and revised work irrefutably demonstrate:
  • Dyslexia is a syndrome encompassing hundreds of diverse symptoms and differently named disorders - all resulting from a simple signal-scrambling dysfunction withing the inner-ear and its supercomputer, the cerebellum.
  • Rapid, dramatic and wide ranging improvements occur when dyslexic children and adults are holistically treated with safe combinations of inner-ear-enhancing medications, nutrients and non-medical techniques similar to that used by astronauts to prevent "space dyslexia."
Initially supported by Nobel Prize cerebellar neurophysiologist Sir John Eccles and outstanding others, Dr. Levinson's highly original discoveries have now been independently validated and referenced worldwide. As a result of this book's continuously upgraded and expanding "lifesaving" content - scientifically considered "decades ahead of its time," it is now possible for countless millions of smart but dumb feeling dyslexics to feel as bright as they really are and to attain dreams and ambitions that otherwise might never be theirs. Indeed, cures and prevention now lurk within our scientific horizons.

Smart but Feeling Dumb
Publisher/Publication Date: Stonebridge Publishing, 3rd Edition - July 2008
ISBN: 978-0-615-15276-9
488 pages

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