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Monday, September 21, 2009

Kid's Corner: Interview with Lisa Woomer - author of Cookie

I am interviewing Lisa Woomer today - author of the kid's book - Cookie.

This is a very fun read about a little girl (nicknamed Cookie)who will not eat anything but cookies. Her parents tell her that she is going to turn into a cookie if she doesn't eat something else - and - you guessed it - She turns into a cookie! She quickly decides it is not fun being a cookie and starts eating real food.

My son enjoys this book a lot - it is usually one of the first ones that he picks out to read.

I see that you are a former school teacher - what grade(s) did you teach and do you have a favorite subject that you taught?

I taught fourth grade, second grade and kindergarten. I loved to teach writing, not a big surprise there. I really enjoyed listening to the children's stories, they are so imaginative.

I also like to listen when my son is playing alone as his stories he makes up then are a lot of fun.

The book Cookie is designed to try to get kids to eat healthier - Could you share with us a favorite 'healthy' recipe or food?

I have a few really healthy recipes that even my pickiest eater loves. One of her favorites is a noodle stir-fry that I make.
I use whole wheat soba noodles, tofu, and veggies (usually peas, broccoli and carrots). First, get the noodles started, boil according to package directions. Next, saute some crushed garlic with a little olive oil in a large saute pan or wok. Add in tofu cubes with a little soy sauce and Bragg's liquid aminos (available at whole foods or health food stores). Cook until lightly browned and then add in veggies. Saute for a couple of minutes and then toss in drained soba noodles. My kids eat it up and ask for seconds.

That does sound good! and not to difficult to make!

Now that we have done healthy - what is your favorite cookie?

My favorite cookie...that's a tough one. If I had to choose, I would say Girl Scout Samoas. My daughter is a girl scout and we look forward to cookie sales every year just so we can have some samoas. Luckily they are available only once a year or I might turn into a cookie.

I love Girl Scout Thin Mints and the chocolate covered Peanut Butter Patties! Yum!

Did you do the illustrations for your book and how much of an impact do you think the illustrations play in a children's book?

Yes, I did the illustrations for my book. I think illustrations are so important to a children's book, they really make the story come to life. I had an idea in my head of how I thought Cookie should look while I was writing the story. I wanted the pictures to be childlike because Cookie thinks like a child. I like the fact that a child can look at the pictures and think, "I can draw that".

It is amazing that kids pick up on that also. My son usually comments on the pictures which is why I like to ask this question!

Do you have any projects in the works right now?

Yes, I have my ideas down for my next book, which will be a sequel. I get these ideas that pop into my head at all hours and I quickly jot them down in my journal. Right now they are just ideas but I can tell you that Cookie has a little brother that gets into some food trouble of his own.

Yeah! Since my boy liked Cookie so much - can't wait for this one to come out featuring a boy!

What books are on your nightstand currently?

I always have one fictional novel and one informational book on my nightstand. Right now I am reading a book that my mom loaned me a while ago that I am just getting to called The Summer I Dared, by Barbara Delinsky. The other book is a week-by-week guide to pregnancy since I am expecting my third child (I may have to write a story about that too).

I had to go look this book up to see what it was about (The Summer I Dared) and it sounds really good. I hope that you are enjoying it. I read a few pregnancy books with my third one also!

Thank you Lisa for joining me at Books and Needlepoint today! And congratulations on your soon-to-be new edition!

To buy Lisa's book - Cookie -visit this site: http://outskirtspress.com/lisawoomer

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