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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guest post by Terry Spear - and a Giveaway!

I am very honored and excited to have Terry Spear as my guest blogger today. She is the author of To Tempt the Wolf which is currently on a virtual tour. So, without further ado - let's hear it for Terry!

Wolves (and Werewolves) Get Such a Bad Rap!

Thanks so much, Kristi, for having me on your blog today! I’m a big needlework fan also, and make award-winning teddy bears that have hand-embroidered paws with names and birthdays for special occasions! I’ve even tossed around the idea of creating a wolf bear…uhm, bear in wolf’s skin?

Which brings me to my real purpose here—talking all about wolves—well, werewolves, too.

Wolves really get a bad rap. You don’t hear about the big bad bear. Or the big bad cougar. Yet they attack people and kill them much more frequently than wolves do. But what about the big bad wolf?

Think of The Three Little Bears. None of the bears are really bad. None of them wants to eat Goldilocks. And I don’t remember ANY cougar children’s story where the cougar wants the children for dinner.

The Three Little Pigs? Red Riding Hood? There’s the big bad wolf all over again.

You don’t see shapeshifter killing machines that are bear shifters or cougar shifters, but here comes the werewolf. The perfect horror story. Man turns into a wolf-like monster, can’t remember his human side of his nature, and kills anyone and everyone.

Sure, you see the human side of him…the fact he so desperately fights becoming the beast, but in the end, the only way to cure him is to kill him and put him out of his misery.

I read a cute children’s tale today at work that was the wolf’s side of the story as far as The Three Little Pigs went. He was definitely framed. :) Hmm, for my junior werewolves, they might read The Three Little Pigs so they know what’s being said about their wolf kind, but they’ll definitely get to read the wolf’s version of the story, too. After all, there are always two sides to every story. :-)

And so I write about the werewolves’ side of the story. Sure, you have some bad eggs. Just like you have evil humans. But the good guys make up for the bad. And contrary to popular belief, they do live among us. At least in my world, they do. They’re doctors and police officers and judges and artists. They have families, pay taxes, and enjoy many of life’s little pleasures just like we do. And they have troubles just like any family does. But of course, it goes beyond that because living among us, it can be difficult for them to keep their wolf nature secret.

Also, their family unit extends to a pack, and they take care of their own. And they don’t believe in divorce. Mating is for life. Just as it is for real wolves. Plus, just as it is for real wolves, the werewolves are extremely fond of their offspring. The whole pack family is! They all play with them, feed them, and protect them. They’re the future of the pack.

So if you’re looking to see the true story about werewolves, come check out my world! The men are hunks, the women are spunky enough to be their match, and the stories will show you what wolves are like—the real story.

My question is: If you met a hunky werewolf like one of the men in my books, would you give him a chance? :)

You can find me here if you want to join me:







Again, I want to thank Kristi for having me and to everyone who stops by and comments.
Terry Spear
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

To Tempt the Wolf—In Stores September 1
In this third in the series, wildlife photographer Tessa Anderson must prove her brother innocent of murder charges. But when she discovers a gorgeous naked man barely alive on her beach, she's got a new world of troubles to deal with, not least of which is how he affects her with just a look, a touch, or a whispered word.

Hunter Greymore is a lupus garou, a grey werewolf. Hoping to keep a low profile at Tessa's cabin on the coast, he's drawn into her life—and into her bed. His animal instincts war with his human half, but in the end, the only thing he can do about this fascinating, adorable woman is to leave her forever —unless she becomes one of them.

About the Author
A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, award-winning author Terry Spear has an MBA from Monmouth College. An eclectic writer, she dabbles in the paranormal as well as writing historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Spear lives in Crawford, Texas. Her 2008 Sourcebooks Casablanca release, Heart of the Wolf was named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly. Destiny of the Wolf and To Tempt the Wolf are in stores now, and more are on the way: The Legend of the White Wolf (February 2010) and Seduction of the Wolf (August 2010). For more information please visit www.terryspear.com

Hmmm... Makes you wonder how the wolf always appeared as the 'bad guy' in fairy tales (sort of like the wicked step-mother. . .)

Ok - bet you want to know about the giveaway - well, first let me thank Terry for stopping by today. I would love to see one of your hand-embroidered teddy bears. (My 2 daughters both have birthdays this month, but they are 15 and 17 so probably wouldn't be interested - but I do have a little boy turning 5 in November. . .hint, hint )

Teddy Bear

Danielle from Sourcebooks has kindly given you, my readers, a chance to win not just To Tempt the Wolf - but also Heart of the Wolf. That's right - 2 books, 1 winner. You must live in the U.S./Canada though with no PO boxes. Just answer Terry's questions above with your email address to be entered.

If you would like more entries, I would love to learn more about Terry - so just visit one of the links above and come back and tell me something you have learned! This giveaway will end on Sept 30.


Virginia C said...

Hello, Ladies! I am fascinated by wolves. The wolves of the animal kingdom, not the nasty "human" wolves. Would I give a werewolf a chance? If he mated for life and was a fierce protector of his children, then I'd be tempted. gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Virginia C said...

Hey, Terry! I visited your blog. I am now a Google follower. I learned that the cover of your book LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF was featured by SciFiGuy at his blog. You will be his blogger guest on 9/16/09. gcwhiskas at aol dot com

renee said...

Would i give a werefolf a chance, really not sure, can't honestly answer either way.
reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

KiraR said...

If I met a hunky werewolf I would definitely give him a chance!


KiraR said...

One thing I learned is that Terry has five book releases planned for 2010.


Anonymous said...

If I met a hunky werewolf, I would give him a chance.Everything is not all looks though,we'd have to hit it off too.

Anonymous said...

I learned Terry has a YA book out called The Vampire...In My Dreams

Terry Spear said...

Woohoo, ladies! You all beat me this morning!

Virginia, all great points, and I'd be tempted too!!! The SciFi guy is so sweet!!! I'm honored to be on his site!

Renee, honest answer. LOL

Kira, good for you!! I thought I was doing final line edits constantly, but with nothing to show for it! But yep, 5 releases next year!

Elaing8, I agree, got to really care about the guy! And he has to care about you, and never stray. I had fun writing The Vampire...In My Dreams--being a witch, she could repel the charms a vampire might seduce her with...not that my hero was that underhanded...well, if he could have...

Unknown said...

I didn't think I would be interested in werewolves, but suddenly I am, so I would definitely give one of your hunky werewolves a chance :)


Terry Spear said...

woohoo, thanks so much, Crystal!!

And, Kristi, here is the link to my bears, if you're interested in one for your son! :)

fredamans said...

Thank you for the entry.


When asked if I would give a werewolf a chance, I instantly thought no. As I sit and ponder it, I think I might. The feral instinct is attractive, and as long as I was safe from harm, why not?! So yes, now I believe I would.

Terry Spear said...

Fredamans--hope springs eternal. :)

Kristi said...

Terry - the bears are adorable! I am pretty sure that my older girls would like these as well - I am thinking that upon my older ones graduation in the spring it might be neat to get her one with the date! I am definitely going to be book marking that page. Don't be surprised if you hear from me!

teabird said...

I certainly would - not for nothing do I love "Beauty and the Beast"!

teabird17 && at && yahoo dot com

clenna said...

No way, man - I'd run and hide - OMG are you kidding me - I'm not that courageous!

But I'd love to read her books.

clenna said...

Info about Terry:

Did you know that Terry teachs writing workshops to teens?

clenna at aol dot com

Bridget said...

Hi! Just posted this guest post and contest on Win A Book. No need to enter me.

Sheila Deeth said...

I've already got both books (I love them), so best not include me in the giveaway. Terry's wolves are cool. Fierce, protective, loyal - yeah, and hunky too. I love dogs - sometimes they're almost wild and almost human. And if they were really wild and really human both at once...

Libby's Library said...

I would love a chance at winning these books - thanks so much for the giveaway.


Libby's Library said...

No - no werewolves for me. But a real wolf? Such beautiful creatures. And so misunderstood my so many people. They are being killed in huge numbers, and for the most part, for no reason at all!


Terry Spear said...

Kristi, thanks so much! Yeah, I do them for graduations...Christmas, lots of different occasions. :)

Teabird, I loved the tale of beauty and the beast!

Clena, thanks! I had a great time teaching the teens, then the adults wanted a class too. :)

Thanks, Bridget!

Woohoo, thanks, Sheila!!! I love dogs too. They truly are almost human. When we bopped our Afghan on the nose with a ball by accident, she went into the bushes and sulked. :) No matter how much we coaxed her, she wouldn't come out.

I agree, Neas.

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated to read about wolves and even to watch them in a movie, but give one a chance, unequivocably, never.


Anonymous said...

I learned that Terry has written Young adult books.


lag123 said...

If he was hunky, I might

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think I'd give him a chance!

donnas said...

I would definitely give him a chance. Actually can I have one now?

Great post. I have been wanting to start the wolf series for a while but havent had the chance. The Vampire...In My Dreams was great I read that last year. Ever think of turning that into a series as well?

I found out in addition to the adorable bears (Vampire Bear, how cute) and The Vampire...In My Dreams, she has written another YA book called Deidre's Secret about a girl who has premonitions of danger. Sound interesting too.


bacchus76 at myself dot com

Jenny N. said...

If I met a warewolf I would give him a chance. It wouldnt be because he was a warewolf, I would have to factor in other aspects as well.


Lorraine said...

I'd have to see a picture first. Some of them are kinda cute but I don't do blind dates.


Anonymous said...

I would like to think that I would definitely give a werewolf a chance. I've always been fasinated by wolves, from Kipling's "The Jungle book" and the story of the man cub raised by wolves to Due South's half wolf/half dog crime fighting partner, I've always thought of them as fierce but friendly.


Terry Spear said...

I'd give him a chance!!! At least to see if he could be a better prospect than some of the guys out there! :)

Thanks, Donnas! Yes, I'm planning on The Vampire...In My Nightmares next. :) I'm working on book 6 of the wolf series right now, but I also have an adult vampire romantic suspense coming out in January in print you might like. Two authors had me make a vampire bear for their books which is why I made some up! Two others want werewolf bears...haven't figured that out yet though. LOL :)

Lorraine, I think blind dates are okay, if you go with the couple that set it up. My mother went on one once though when she was young, and the guy was more interested in the girl that set her up, than my mother! :)

I loved Jungle Book also, Ensee!

I had a nice note from a fan that said she wasn't about to read a story about a man who shapeshifts into a wolf, but when she got it free at conference, she finally decided to read it and fell in love with the characters. She couldn't put it down. A friend of mine writes about seal shifters and I couldn't imagine how that could appeal. But the stories are really good.

I loved the story about the prince who was a polar bear by day and a man at night--who fell in love and wed a young woman. In that case he was cursed...it was a children's story, but beautiful. I fell in love with him, was so mad at the girl for having to see him and spilled hot wax on him...which made him have to leave her. He was the sweetest! LOL :) So that was my introduction into the world of shapeshifters. :)

rubynreba said...

I really like to read about werewolves, but I would be too scared to give one a chance!

Marie said...

I think I'd give one a chance :-)


CherylS22 said...

I'd give a hunky werewolf a chance.
Thanks ~ megalon22{at}yahoo{dot}com

CherylS22 said...

I learned that in Terry's family there was political intrigue, ties to royalty, romance, and tragedy that inspires her to write medieval stories set in England and Scotland. Lucky lady!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Marie and Beth!!

LOL, Cheryls22!!! My great grandmother says the whole family was let down by the scandal. And to think, we could have all been in Scotland instead. LOL :)

I will be in Toronto tomorrow, giving a Happy Hookers class to romance writers on Saturday. I'll try to drop in if I can on Friday from the hotel, but if I'm unable to, I wish everyone well, have a terrific weekend, and good luck with the contest!

Dawn M. said...

Yes, I would. I think they have some pretty good qualities - mate for life, loves kids, loves family...sounds good to me! :0)

librarygrinch at gmail dot com

Lisa N. said...

It would probably depend on how I was approached. If I met him as a human first and then found out about his shifting tendencies, then I probably would accept him. Just having an wolf walk up to not would probably not go so well!!

rocket_kay at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I would totally give a werewolf a chance!


Cherie J said...

Depends on how the hunky werewolf and I first met. First impressions are important.


Cherie J said...

I learned at Terry's website that she is originally from California, lived in eight states and now resides in the heart of Texas. I also loved her Celtic Clan Bear, Campbell. He was so cute.


Terry Spear said...

Dawn, I totally agree!

Lisa, I'm sure I'd feel the same way! Human first,...then, well, we'd have to see.

Bridget, that's the spirt!!! Sounds like the perfect heroine, full of adventure!

Cherie, yes, did you know that in 7 seconds of meeting someone, we've already formed an opinion of them? :)

Thanks, everyone! I'm in Toronto, stopping in before I teach Happy Hookers to romance writers here!

Have a super Saturday!

Edna said...

I really enjoyed the interview about the wolves and would LOVE to win the books. They would be something different for me to read.


Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Edna! Good luck!

Beth said...

Please enter me. Thanks for the chance.
Yes, I would definately give a werewolf a chance!

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Beth (BBRB) said...

Sure, why not. Werewolves can't be any worse than some "normal" guys! :)

BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

Terry Spear said...

Beth and Beth, heroines after my own heart!

Gaby317 said...

I would definitely give a hunky werewolf a chance!! As long as he was the type to try to keep his human ties. I like the idea of mating for life (like many others who have written in!)

gaby317nyc at gmail dot com

Gaby317 said...

Did you know that Terry Spear works in a library? I think that would be a fun job.

I liked how she described the wolves in the interview with SciFi Guy:

"The series is based on humans who shapeshift into wolves—real wolves from every standpoint, except, they have human thought processes, although their wolf instincts are ever present and can cause trouble on occasion."

gaby317nyc at gmail dot com

Terry Spear said...

Thanks for commenting, Gaby! Working at the library can be fun. We have some real interesting cases, should be in a story! :) We have a pretend cat that meows for our library patrons, but someone offered to give us a real one so we could interact better with patrons. Litter boxes, squealing cat when kids grabbed it's tail or stepped on it...hmmm...I do love going to the vet's office where they have a couple of lazy cats sleeping on the counter though! Or the garden shops where they have them roaming the grounds. :) Still need to include one in Book 6 that I'm currently writing because the newly turned werewolf owned a cat prior to the change!!

Have a super day, and thanks for dropping by here and the other places!

budletsmom said...

Of course I would give your werewolf a change. I would love to win these books.

budletsmom at yahoo dot com

Terry Spear said...

Hi Budletsmom, that's super! Good luck!

mrsshukra said...

I certainly would!


mrsshukra said...

I learned that Terry Spear has five books planned for release next year!


Lee P said...

Sure I'd give him a chance. I love werewolves!! Thanks for this giveaway and please count me in.


Anonymous said...

I am old and pretty set in my ways - not sure I could keep up with a werewolf! Would love to win the books though!

karolptrsn at gmail dot com

Terry Spear said...

Woohoo, good for you, Etriv and Lee.

Karol, we're never too old to give something new a try!!! :) One of my distant relatives was roofing her house in Canada at 87. Now that's the spirit!!!!

Jaime said...

Give him a chance? I don't think so, I'd run away
copperllama at yahoo dot com

Cindy said...

Please include me in this great giveaway! And, thank you for introducing us to this interesting and talented author!

If I was not married (to same man for 38 years) and if I was a little bit younger and could still romp through the woods, I would give a hunky werewolf a chance!

I learned some neat things about this author from her website. She gives online writing workshops! She lives in Texas! (my favorite state to live too!) And, she makes some adorable bears.


Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Cindy!! If you don't win here, be sure and check out my blog where I post new links where I'll be giving away books. I have a contest coming up tomorrow and another coming in October. :)

D said...

I'd definitely give him a chance. Probably move out to the cabin full time, be better for all involved ;)

mommadsporch at gmail dot com

Terry Spear said...

D--lol!! Love it!

Jack said...

I will must read these books Thanks. i was searching for colon blow coupon to get great saving.


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