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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scars and Stilettos by Harmony Dust (Book Review)

Title: Scars and Stilettos: The Transformation of an Exotic Dancer
Author: Harmony Dust

Publisher: Monarch

About the book: Nineteen-year-old Harmony Dust is trapped. Thousands of dollars in debt, struggling to get by, dominated by her boyfriend: things can't get worse. . .until someone tells her how much money she can make as an exotic dancer. For the next three years, Harmony lives a double life as Monique, a dancer in a fully-nude strip club.

Scars and Stilettos is Harmony's stark, honest, and ultimately hopeful story of how God found her in that dark, noisy place and led her back out. She has since married, completed an MA in Social Welfare, and now leads Treasures, an organization helping women in the sex trade discover their true worth.

My thoughts: You start to learn about Harmony at the young age of 13. She is living with her mom and sometimes one of her mom's boyfriends. She pretty much takes care of herself. A friend, Derrick, eventually moves in - he is one of her mom's rescue cases. She tends to take in strays of all kinds to try to help them out - even though she needs a lot of help herself. Derrick eventually becomes Harmony's boyfriend - and by boyfriend I mean that Harmony supports him, does everything she can to make him want to stay with her, but he sleeps around and eventually gets another girl pregnant - and she finds herself supporting this girl and the baby also! It could only be because of God that she was able to pull herself out of this situation and start over.

I flew through this book in about a day - I just wanted to keep reading and see how God was able to change Harmony's situation - and He does, tremendously. To me, this was a very positive read - I think it would be a great one to recommend to someone you feel is searching for something to fill a need. It isn't real preachy, but more down to earth - and shows how God loves everyone - regardless of how they appear, or how they feel about themselves!

Visit the Treasures website to learn more about this wonderful ministry reaching out to women in the sex trade.

Scars and Stilettos
Publisher/Publication Date: Monarch, Dec 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8254-6309-9
252 pages

~Special thanks to Cat Hoort, Trade Marketing Manager, of Kregel Publications for sending me a review copy.~

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Books We Read said...

May be God has changed many's lives but He has yet to change mine...

This book sounds inspiriing.

By the way, I added you to my blogroll on my blog.


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