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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Asking For Trouble by Sandra Byrd

Title: Asking for Trouble
Author: Sandra Byrd
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

My synopsis/review:  Savannah and her family have just moved outside of London.  She is in high school and has to try to make new friends, new activities, and her family have to find a new church. 

Savannah, or Savvy as her family calls her, was set to be a reporter for her school paper back home.  This would have been her first year on the paper, but her freshman English teacher highly recommended her.  Unfortunately it is not that easy to get on the paper at Wexler Academy - her new high school.  It isn't even easy to make friends.  Then a position opens up on the paper.

Savvy fibs a little by saying she has experience, but after Jack, the editor, gives her a shot, she fesses up that this was to be her first year.  He is not willing to take the chance on her, as the paper is floundering, but because she is desperate to be a part of something she agrees to deliver the papers around school.  Not really the job that she wants, but she hopes she can make it work for her.

After a little "investigative reporting" she discovers that the students are looking for something a little more on their level and not so "academic".  After some brainstorming, she comes up with the idea of an advice column.  She suggests it to Jack and the newspaper team decide to go for it. 

Through a writing contest, Savvy wins the opportunity to be the writer of the column.  This is kept a secret in case her American way of writing isn't suitable for the British students.  She prays that God will give her wisdom to do a good job.  She soon realizes that God is going to make her "live and learn" the questions and answers that she is expected to answer.

This book is being marketed to ages 9-12.  I think that is appropriate even though Savvy is a little older than that.  It has some good lessons and some good Scripture references.  Savvy realizes that she has pushed God away when they moved - and that when she is at her loneliest is when she needs Him the most. 

I am definitely going to recommend this one to my nieces.

~I was provided this book for review for a First Wild Card Tour by Tyndale.~

Asking for Trouble
Publisher/Publication Date: Tyndale House Publishers, Mar 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4143-2597-2
272 pages
Age recommended: 9-12 years

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