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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feed me Seymour: Mini Challenge

Find a passage where the characters describe what they are eating or when they are actually eating – write up a post with the book, author, your selected passage and a picture of one the dishes- leave a link to that specific post on MckLinky and that’s it.  Nicole from Linus's Blanket is hosting this one!

Passage: Trying to keep him quiet, I stuck my finger into the preserves, and then into the cream, and let him lick my finger.  By then, my own desire took over, and once again, I stuck my finger into the preserves and then the cream.  It tasted heavenly.  (The Secret Holocaust Diaries, p62)


Cream (hahaha)

Ok - this cream.


Nise' said...

At first the quote sounded like it was from a romantic book! Loved your pictures! I am old enough to know Cream! LOL

Beth F said...

Read and Read and Read
Continue till you're tired
Sleep when you have to

Haiku #11 (inspired by Dawn @ She Is Too Fond of Books)

T said...

*Rah* - *rah*! Keep on reading!!

Tobey for Team Shelley


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