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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glaen by Fred Lybrand (Book Review)

Title: Glaen
Author: Fred R. Lybrand
Publisher: The Barnabas Agency/TBB Publishing

About the Book: Annie is a college grad student who is stumped about love. Her mom and dad are in the throes of a divorce, her teenage sister is obsessed with how her boyfriend makes her look, and her closest friend Jennah is on a continual ride of running off every guy she dates.

Friendships, dating, romance, and marriage -- it's all confusing to Annie until the day a white-haired stranger appears in her life. Glaen is an unusual professor with an unusual name. Her white-haired unconventional mentor guides Annie on a path of discovery that unlocks the secrets of real relationships in a world gone phony. By abandoning herself to learn, Annie discovers the mystifying affect of how learning to tell the truth changes everything in friendship, family, and love.

The solutions Dr. Lybrand offers in this book will astound and free you to quit doing the very things that take away your ability to find the love and friendhsip you want. More importantly, you'll discover a fresh path to the possibility of greater connections with those you care most about. You'll want everyone you know to read this book. . .twice!

My thoughts: This book was written in a very unusual manner.  Rather than being a "self-help" book - in that it tells you what you need to do to get to the change you are looking for. It takes you on a journey, along with Annie, in discovering how to bring about that change.  It is a non-fiction book disguised as a fiction book. 

Written in very easy to understand language, this book would be good for teens, but the message that it delivers is ageless.  I have already told my teenage daughter that it is one I want her to read - and I am going to read it along with her again - hopefully this summer. 

I think that there is something for everyone in this book, whether you are just beginning to date, in a committed relationship or married.  I found myself thinking of situations in my marriage that will definitely benefit from the "truths" that I discovered.  I highly recommend that everyone should read this one.

~I received a copy of this book from TBB Media in exchange for my unbiased review.~

Publisher/Publication Date: TBB Media, Feb 14, 2010
ISBN: 978-0578046525
169 pages

1 comment:

Steve Capell said...

This sounds like a good self-help book. There seems to be so many divorces these days. Marriage takes commitment and maybe this book will help someone with that kind of commitment and how to build a strong marriage.


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