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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James (Book Review)

Title: Love on a Dime
Author: Cara Lynn James
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

My synopsis/thoughts: Set in 1899, it was not a time that women sought employment if they were born into privileged families.  They were not expected to do much except tea, social obligations, and maybe help some charities - but never was this done for money.  And to think that they would have ambitions outside of finding a husband was foreign to many men.

Lilly had fallen in love with Jack, a scholarship student who attended college with her brother.  She is crestfallen, when after proposing to her, he overhears her parents talking about possible suitors and he doesn't make the cut. Rather than face humiliation, he tells her she would be better off with someone else and leaves.  When he realizes his mistake, the family has gone abroad and he has no way to contact her.

We then enter the story six years later.  Lilly is still unwed, but is being courted by Harlan Santerre, heir to a railroad fortune.  Jack has also just arrived back on the scene as a guest of her brothers.  He had gone out west and made some money, then returned east and purchased a newspaper and a magazine.  He was now considered an eligible bachelor in all the right circles. Unfortunately, Lilly is not ready to forgive him for leaving her without a word.  Before he can let his feelings be known, Harlan proposes to Lilly and she accepts.

Lilly has also started writing dime novels under the nom de plume, Fanny Cole.  Dime novels are considered "racy" during this time - but Lilly strives to send a Christian message in her books.  Regardless, the idea that one of the elite would be pursuing such a scorned upon occupation forced Lilly to keep her secret.  When Jack buys the publishing house that puts out Fanny's novels, Lilly's life becomes complicated - but when the local gossip paper starts threatening to publish Fanny's real name, Lilly is forced to consider all her options.

I really liked Lilly's stubborn character - and the fact that she wanted to pursue her passion as she felt it was God's will for her life.  The message to basically "let go and let God" played throughout the book - but I don't feel that it would be overwhelming to someone struggling with their faith. I loved the "love triangle" as it was and also the way it was resolved.  Lilly did not go running into the arms of her old boyfriend and expect him to solve all her problems, even though she knew her fiance would not approve of her decisions.  She wanted to get things done on her own with God's help.  This book kept me reading long after everyone else was in bed.  I recommend it.

~I was provided a copy of this book for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers for a First Wild Card Tour.~

Love on a Dime
Publisher/Publication Date: Thomas Nelson Publishers, June 1, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59554-679-1
310 pages


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