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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never Let You Go by Erin Healy (Book Review)

Title: Never Let You Go
Author: Erin Healy
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

About the book: Losing everything has Lexi clinging to her daughter.  Hell is determined to loosen her grip.

It's been seven years since disaster struck her family.  Lexi Solomon has held it together since then -- just barely. 

But now Lexi is losing it.  The husband who deserted her is back in town, wanting to see their daughter Molly.  Her sister's shameless murderer is up for parole. An unsavory old friend is demanding payment for debts that Lexi knows nothing about and can't begin to meet.

And something else is going on -- something Lexi feels but can't explain.  A dangerous shift is taking place between this reality and the next.  Forces beyond her imagination are vying for control.

A rare novel that will satisfy a wide range of readers, Never let You Go explores the high-stakes decisions played out in the thin spaces between heaven and earth. As the enemy's grip tightens around Lexi, she will have to decide what's truly worth holding on to. (back cover)

My thoughts:  Sorry about the canned synopsis, but I finished this book a couple of books ago and didn't feel like I could remember the details strong enough to give a good description.  What I do remember is the definite struggle between good and evil and the entities that both of these took.  Lexi and Molly were the "good" from the very beginning of the book - Then there was Ward and Craven - both evil - the kind of person who makes you feel slimy just by being in the same room with them.  Even just reading about them gave me shivers down my spine.   I liked the conflict that developed between them and how Lexi discovered what she had to do in order to survive.  This is a faith based book without being over the top.  It was an enjoyable read.

~I received a copy of this book from Phenix and Phenix Publicity in exchange for my review.~

Publisher/Publication Date: Thomas Nelson, May 4, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59554-750-7
338 pages

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Steve Capell said...

This sounds like a very good book to read and an emotional read! Thanks for sharing your review.


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