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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday: Life's an Adventure

Welcome to What's Happening Wednesdays?

I always have things going on during the week - or things going on with my kids - just stuff that I think I should post - but never seem to have anywhere to post it! I would love it if others would do posts about whatever is going on with them that they want to share - whether it be a gripe or good news - it will all be welcome here!

The last few days have been crazy.  Sunday are internet was not working.  Not knowing much about computers, it took us a day to figure out that the internet was fine - but our wireless router had gone caput.  And since the desktop computer was also run through the router it was out too.  Well, we couldn't go get one that day, so went the next.  Monday we got the router hooked up and thought we were good to go - but by the time we went to bed that night we were again without internet.  On Tuesday we saw the cable guys in the neighborhood, so knew that something was up.  We got back on line again last night - but I had to pack the kids and myself and get ready for today (Wednesday).  We got up at the crack of dawn and after 8 hours on the road with 2 vehicles, 3 kids, 1 sister, 1 mom, and a dog recovering from another "procedure" - oh, and let's not forget the high winds (can anyone say high winds and SUV?)  - my hands hurt from gripping the wheel, my eyes are tired as only highway driving can do and I am ready for bed!

I want to apologize for the two book tours I have missed due to all these issues.  I hope to get caught up as soon as I can!  I am going to wait until next week's post to show pictures of my daughter's graduation last Friday and grad party on Saturday, cuz they are not even on the computer yet!  Happy reading everyone!

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bermudaonion said...

I hate when the internet is flaky like that. I hope you have a wonderful trip!


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