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Friday, November 27, 2009

Tidings of Great Boys by Shelley Adina (Book Review)

Title: Tidings of Great Boys (an all about us novel)
Author: Shelley Adina
Publisher: Faith Words (Hachette Books)

My synopsis: This was another fun installment in the lives of Carly, Lissa, Gillian, Shani and Mac - with the main story this time centering around Mac - or Lady Lindsay MacPhail.

Mac's parents have split up, so she is undecided on whether or not she wants to go home to Scotland for winter break from Spencer Academy. Her family home there is a castle, and it just isn't going to be the same with just her dad. So she comes up with a plan to invite the gang from Spencer to come for the holidays. With a little manipulation, the plan falls into place and as soon as finals are over, they all head for Scotland.

Things don't go so well in Scotland though. Mac has this grand plan to get her parents back together and she thinks if she throws a Hogmany dance on New Year's Eve that her mom will have to come back, as she will think that Mac won't be able to do it without her. Unfortunately the castle is not in good shape, and their finances are even worse. Add to that some drama concerning Shani and an innocent remark taken out of context which causes her ex, Prince Rashid's family to become incensed and who knows what will happen!

My thoughts: I have really enjoyed reading this series of books, even though I cannot imagine the life they lead at Spencer Academy. I like the way the author includes the girls' faith in Christ and shows how they are able to be regular, popular teens and still be Christians. I also like the way the girls are so unafraid of showing and sharing their beliefs. If you like to read YA books or have a daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc - introduce them to these books.

*This book was provided to me for my unbiased review by Hachette Books.*

It's All About Us
The Fruit of My Lipstick
Be Strong & Curvaceous
Who Made You a Princess?
Tidings of Great Boys
The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth (coming in January)

Tidings of Great Boys
Publisher/Publication Date: Faith Words, Sept 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-17963-8
229 pages


Teddy Rose said...

I love your new cross stitch, the apples look nummy! It looks like this would have been a very time consuming piece.

brizmus said...

I've never heard of these books, but they look so cute. I might have to look into them for my sister. :-)


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