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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Threads

I have decided that the only way that I am going to start working on some of my needlepoint projects again is to start blogging about them!  The one on the top of the page is getting kind of stale and I would like to replace it with something new!  So let me introduce you to those projects that have some interest to me right now.

My son really guilted me into this when he came and asked me where his Nemo was the other day - he meant this -

I'd like to know where Nemo is also - do you see him on the canvas?  Do you see anything on the canvas?  How to tell a 5 year old that I haven't even started!

Then I have this project called Anasazi Song by Carole Lake - which I started over a year ago.  I just received the directions for another one like this called Anasazi Dream (I think).  As you can see, I actually have some done on this one but I would like to finish it before I start on the "Dream".

That's what I am working on this week.  If you have any projects you are working on - from beading to woodwork - leave a comment and or a link. I would love to get some inspiration!


bermudaonion said...

You need to get Nemo done before your son outgrows him! Believe me, I know the feeling. I've got a Christmas tree skirt (not needlepoint) that I started on 20 years ago that's still not finished.

Heather said...

Quite a while ago I started posting on Tuesday the progress I have made on my needlework projects. I really has spurred me on to finishing projects. I look forward to seeing how you do.


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