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Friday, May 21, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday? (On Friday. . .)

Welcome to What's Happening Wednesdays?

I always have things going on during the week - or things going on with my kids - just stuff that I think I should post - but never seem to have anywhere to post it! I would love it if others would do posts about whatever is going on with them that they want to share - whether it be a gripe or good news - it will all be welcome here!

Well, I took an unplanned hiatus from blogging this week!  That is why we have WHW on Friday!  Wednesday, my husband and I went on a field trip with my son and his class to the zoo. 

This is on the bus ride up. I am not sure what they were looking at - but thought it was funny that I caught the same expression on both their faces!

We saw the lion first - he was after something that was under this log, but we couldn't see what it was.

The rhino's were my son's favorite.

I have always been partial to monkeys myself.  This one's name was Julie and she was celebrating her 28th birthday!

The peacocks were just roaming around the grounds.  This one came over and visited us while we were eating lunch.

Yesterday was our last MOPS meeting for this school year and so we always have a carnival for the kids.  There were all sorts of stuff going on.  One of Jake's favorites was the bounce house, but couldn't get a good picture of him in it. 

These pipes kept him busy for quite awhile. 
There was also a pebble (think sand) table with some bulldozers, some magnetic gears that you could hook together, and an air table where the kids could put balls and balloons and see them balance.

His next favorite activity was probably the play dough center.  It was the only place I could coax even a partial smile out of him for a picture!

To round out the last few days I did a shopping marathon Wednesday night with my middle daughter (5 hours!) to find some summer clothes.  Do they ever stop growing?  And I don't really like to shop.  Probably why I always try to do it all at once!

Thursday afternoon my little dog, Colby, returned to the eye specialist to get her stitches removed.  She is healing very well and no longer needs to where the e-collar.  Yay!

Watch for Thursday's Threads (on Saturday!)  and some book reviews and some new giveaways coming up.  If you have read this far - please go vote for Shelley (see sticky post).  She continues to be about 60 votes behind - but there is still 3 weeks left!

What's Happening with you this week?


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bermudaonion said...

Wow, you've been busy! The zoo trip sounds like fun, but I'm not into shopping marathons anymore.


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