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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday?

Welcome to What's Happening Wednesdays?

I always have things going on during the week - or things going on with my kids - just stuff that I think I should post - but never seem to have anywhere to post it! I would love it if others would do posts about whatever is going on with them that they want to share - whether it be a gripe or good news - it will all be welcome here!

We discovered that we had some baby birds living outside our back door. 

I sure hope that our dogs are not outside when mama bird "pushes" them out of the nest!

Protective mama bird now swoops at us anytime we go into the backyard!

Saturday night my husband and I went to see REO Speedwagon.  He had bought the tickets for me for my birthday back in March.  The concet was cancelled then because of illness - They did one of my favorite songs - I Can't Fight This Feeling - took me back to college and a certain young man (who is now happily married to some one else, as am I!)  Isn't that what is so great about music?  The memories that it is able to envoke?

And since I am talking about birthday presents - I have been meaning to share the song that my daughter wrote for me for my birthday - so here you go - an original by Tori.

So What's Happening with you this week?

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