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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday!

Welcome to What's Happening Wednesdays?

I always have things going on during the week - or things going on with my kids - just stuff that I think I should post - but never seem to have anywhere to post it! I would love it if others would do posts about whatever is going on with them that they want to share - whether it be a gripe or good news - it will all be welcome here! Come back and leave a link in the comments! Eventually I hope to get a Mr. Linky going, but that's not what's happening tonight!

If you read last week you would have seen that my son lost his first tooth - well, since then he has lost a second one!

Two teeth gone!

Mr. Crazy Eyes!

He so seldom sits for pictures without making a face, so I had to include this one just because he looked normal!

Then, I told everyone about my "demon" dog and her red eye.  Well, she had glaucoma and we had to have her eye removed.  She is doing well now and goes back in a week to get the stitches removed.  Eventually she will be blind in the other eye also...

You can see the cloudiness of her other eye already.

I have been to the doctor myself this week. I have labs done once a month because of an illness that I have - but last week my blood sugar came back at 59 (low) - so now I get to stick my finger every morning to check my sugar level. Hopefully it will be normal for awhile and I won't have to do anything more!

I discovered a goof I had made yesterday. I write a lot of stuff down in my planner that I want to do/post here. I discovered late Monday night that I had been a week behind in the planner for about 2 weeks! Reviews have been missed - giveaways not posted when they should have been! I am going to be a reading fool this weekend to try to catch up! Tonight we are going to try to get all the graduation announcements addressed for my daughter's upcoming graduation (yay!) so that they can be sent tomorrow!

What's going on with you this week?

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bermudaonion said...

Aww, your poor dog! How's she coping?


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