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Friday, October 16, 2009

ARC Arrival: Jesse's Girl by Gary Morgenstein

Jesse's Girl by Gary Morgenstein

Publisher: CreateSpace

I received this book for review from Pump Up Your Book Tours.

About this book: The story opens as a jarring phone wakes lifelong Brooklynite and widowed father Teddy Mentor well after midnight. It's the Montana wilderness program saying that his 16-year-old adopted son has run away - and they haven't a clue where he's gone. Only two weeks ago, Jesse had been taken to the program by escorts to deal with substance abuse problems.

Jeopardizing his flagging PR job in New York, Mentor rushes across the country to find Jesse, who is off on his own quest: to find Theresa, the sister he's never known. When Teddy finally discovers Jesse at a bus stop in Illinois, he is torn between sending him back or joining his son on a journey to find this girl in Kentucky. But he decides to go and they become embroiled in a grisly crime when Theresa's abusive husband Beau attacks her - Jesse stabs the big beast of a man, leaving him for dead.

Given Jesse's record, Teddy can't go to the authorities without risking his son's arrest. However, Beau is not dead, merely wounded, and he hunts them down, thirsty for revenge. Teddy, Jesse and Theresa flee across the state with Beau in hot pursuit. Seeking safety but finding trouble, thier story leads them to an ultimate shattering question: is Theresa really Jesse's sister or has he been scammed?

Anchored around a floundering father-son relationship, Jesse's Girl tackles questions like finding roots and re-uniting vanished bonds. This novel is timely given the heightened media attention in stories of addiction, among celebrities and the general public alike. Jesse's Girl stands out because it is written from a father's perspective and delves into challenges of adoption and identity as well. (back cover)

Jesse's Girl
Publisher/Publication Date: CreateSpace, March 2009
ISBN: 978-1441492241
340 pages

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