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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Hear Another Giveaway and it is for The Sound of Sleigh Bells!

I have one copy of The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall
to pass on to one lucky reader!

Beth Hertzler works alongside her beloved Aunt Lizzy in their dry goods store and serves as a contact between Amish craftsmen and Englischer retailers. But remorse and loneliness still echo in her heart every day, and she still wears dark dresses to indicate her mourning of her fiance. When she discovers a large, intricately carved scene of Amish children playing in the snow in an Englischer store, something deep inside Beth's soul responds, and she wants to help the unknown artist find homes for his work.

Lizzy sees the changes in her niece when Beth shows her the woodworking, and after meeting Jonah, the artist, she is determined that Beth come to know this man whose hands create healing art. But it's not that simple--Beth has cut herself off from any possibility of romance. Will Lizzy's elaborate plan to reintroduce her niece to love work? Will Jonah be able to offer Beth new hope and a second chance at real love--or just more heartbreak? (book jacket)

Since the title of this book reminds me of Christmas - tell me what your favorite holiday tradition is (doesn't have to be Christmas tradition - any holiday). You must do this to be entered in this giveaway. You must also leave your email address so I can get ahold of you. This giveaway ends Oct 21. (US/Canada only - info added later)

That's it - start talking!


Marjorie said...

Christmas Eve dinner is the best time of all for me. Having friends
and family together is priceless.
I am an email subscriber.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Stacie said...

I love decorating the house for Halloween and handing out candy to the kiddies.

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

Crystal said...

Christmas breakfast with my husband's family. It's at our house so our children can stay at home and I end up with a house full of about 20 people. I make oven baked french toast, sausage, bacon and usually some kind of coffee cake and we have a wonderful time. All the relatives say they look forward to it every year.


flowerchild said...

we always open a present on christmas eve night..

Anita Yancey said...

We don't have to much of a holiday tradition. But on Christmas the rest of the family comes over, and we all open presents. Then they stay the rest of the day, and we bake cookies, and watch movies, and play games. Then we all have Christmas dinner together.


fredamans said...

My favorite holiday season or tradition is Thanksgiving at my Sister's. The best part about Thanksgiving this year, is my Mom will be there. With her living so far, it's not often enough. I look forward to the food, and my family every October!


Edna said...

Christmas Eve is the best for my family, I love getting all my kids and grandkids together for food, games, gifts and it is one time of the year that we know all hear the story of Jesus. We have always tried to let all the kids know what Christmas is about instead of just santa. I always told mine that Santa comes as long as you believe but when you stop believing in him then Mama and dad buys you a gift. That is the way with Jesus as long as we believe in Him then He is real, There are so many people that believe in Jesus but has not taken Him into their hears, lets all pray that this Christmas season more will open their hearts to the ONE.


Debbie F said...

I love Halloween - my kids and I get out all the decorations and decorate the house and then go pick out our costumes. At Christmas we all get together to bake sugar cookies. Love that too!
dcf_beth at verizon dot net

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Ohhh - I'm dying (not literally) to get my hands on this book!! :) My poor hubby - I asked him if we could put up Christmas lights this last weekend. . . he looked at me kind of funny and gently reminded me that it isn't even Halloween yet. LOL - I blame pregnancy cravings - can I crave the holidays?

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. . . not because of gifts - I don't really need anything (ummmm - excluding books of course, can't have too many of those). What I like about Christmas is the great chances to do things with family and friends. We play in the snow (on snow days), decorate the tree together, etc. And my all-time favorite tradition is Christmas morning brunch! My parents and our family trade off on hosting, but we have a ton of great foods (all favorites of each member). Since I was little we've always had my great-grandmother's Norwegian crepes. My parents changed the recipe a few years ago to take out the milk and sugar (yuck), so I took over making them so we could have the same yummy goodness that they've always been. This last Christmas was really special as my grandmother now has Alzheimers, and for brunch, when she saw the crepes, her eyes got teary and after eating them, she said they were the same her mom used to make. I was so touched. :)

Anyway, that is one of my favorite traditions, although our family has a lot of fun ones. (making sugar candy in the snow, walk around Greenlake in Seattle during the luminaries with candles, sing carols while looking at Christmas Lights, etc)

~ Wendi
wbarker at hotmail.com

Beth (BBRB) said...

We always open a single gift on Christmas Eve, so we all have something new and fun to play with before Christmas morning! :)

BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

scottsgal said...

We have a family get together on Christmas Eve with good food and open gifts from my husbands family. We open gifts as a family on Christmas morning with my kids. It's my favorite time of year.

msboatgal at aol.com

CrystalGB said...

Decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite traditions. Also, Christmas Day spent with family is wonderful.

I am a follower.


Sheila Deeth said...

Ah, Christmas is coming. Help! Christmas? Already? But I do like the sound of this.

Favorite tradition - my Dad's cruciform light under the Christmas tree. I really miss it and wish I could find something similar.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Now that the children are grown and all but one their own...I think that my favorite tradition, is having my home decorated for all the holidays. I especially love having the Christmas Tree up, and Carols playing throughout the day. I always make dozens and dozens of cookies to give to friends, so the house smells so yummy. And darn it all - even if I have to crank up the A/C I'm gonna get some gas logs for the fire place this year. I look forward to sitting by the fireplace, reading a book and sipping hot cocoa:-)

Now the one son(25)who is still at home, LOVES Halloween. I swanne - I'm still finding fake cobwebs from last year, and he just dragged out 2 huge tubs full of decorations to put out tonight *sigh*

Thanks for the great giveaway.


Jaime said...

Fav Holiday tradition is making pull apart bread on Christmas Eve for Christmas morning breakfast
copperllama at yahoo dot com

Linna said...

We have barbecue during Moon Festival, which is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. Family memebers would gather together on this day and watch the moon. By the way it's this Saturday. But it's raining a lot in New York, so it's unlikely to see the moon. Also, i'm studying in the U.S., I wouln't be able to be with my family anyway.

linna.hsu at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love having Christmas Eve dinner w/ my family...then we all go to 'midnight mass' together.

karen k

Virginia C said...

Hello! I was very, very lucky to have been blessed with wonderful childhood holidays. I was the priviliged one who went with my grandfather each year on the Sunday before Christmas to pick out the Christmas tree! gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve- Dinner with family and friends. Lots of fish dishes, and pasta, too. Singing carols around the piano. Exchanging gifts and lots and lots of bubbly.


Brenda said...

I love to be able to spend time with family members at Christmas time. I don't get to do it too often. When I was single I flew to my sisters home five years in a row and spent holidays with her and her children and it was fabulous!

dancealert at aol dot com

CherylS22 said...

My favorite holiday tradition is when the women on my mother's side of the family get together in November to make ravioli for the Christmas season.

Thanks ~ megalon22{at}yahoo{dot}com

Bloody Bad said...

i used to love going to my Aunt's party on Christmas Eve. Now that I am grown that has lost its magic. I think it maybe time to start new traditions.

carol said...


Jasmyn said...

Christmas Eve was always my favorite growing up. It was more relaxed than the big Christmas family dinner and the kids could stay up as late as we wanted to try and catch Santa. It was a day filled with Christmas cartoons and cookies, we even got to open one present after dinner to hold our excited selves over til morning.


aggie said...

My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas morning everyone has to go to church before any presents are opened.

Boo Bear's Place said...

I guess my favorite tradition would be going to my parents home no matter what we are doing. Sometimes we exchange gifts depending on everyones situation financially that year! But we all bring something really simple to snack on and just hang out and enjoy being back home with the parents..lol on christmas we spend it at home mostly with me cooking most of the day.

My only child is 2 years old soon to be 3 and we started a tradition of reading 'Twas The Night before Christmas. I hope to do do this for years to come.

Boo Bear's Place said...

oops here is my email

ezziriah at gmail dot com

Bridget said...

Hi! I just love Christmas eve, midnight mass is my favorite tradition. No need to enter me; just posted this on Win A Book.

wade said...

Christmas dinner is the best thing ever for our family!!


wadesherry@hotmail dot com

DarcyO said...

At Christmas, we play a game for our gifts at my in-laws. Everyone brings a wrapped gift. Numbers are drawn. The person who drew #1 gets to pick a present to open. Then #2 gets to open a new present or steal from #1. And so it goes. You never know if you're going to get a white elephant gift or a good one. One year I wrapped up that singing fish as a gag gift! This game is always fun!

dlodden at frontiernet dot net

Bethie said...

My fav tradition is everyone going to my parents for Christmas to feast and exchange gifts.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Nancye said...

My favorite Christmas memory is going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve with my family. The kids (catholic school) would have a procession around the huge church ad one of the kids would get to put a life-size baby Jesus in the life-size manger. It was always so beautiful!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

pippirose said...

I'm Swiss, so even though I've lived most of my life in Canada, we have always celebrated on Christmas Eve--the whole dinner, presents, everything! (And my favourite memories, baking Zimmetsternli cookies with my mom.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Renee G said...

One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking Christmas cookies before the holidays. We have a number of recipes that my husband's family has always made,and about the same number from my family.


Pissenlit said...

Catching The Muppet Christmas Carol, A Muppet Family Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas on tv.

un_pissenlit (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

my son & I go out to get the xmas tree on his b'day dec 08, thx for the contest..

Anonymous said...

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

We all gather at my parents house on Christmas morning, and have breakfast and then we open our gifts! We stay at my parents home for the remainder of Christmas Day sharing old times and many laughs! Then the best part of it all, Christmas Dinner - Turkey and all of the trimmings!!

I would LOVE to win this!! Please enter me into the giveaway, thanks!!


Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat - join us at http://forum.coolcanucks.ca/

Lee P said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year. We gather at my moms on Christmas Eve with my sisters,brother and their families. That's really the only time we are all together. Christmas Day is spend in the county with my husband's side of the family. I love having a Country Christmas. Love the smell of a fresh tree,turkey and ham cooking, and the fireplace roaring. Thank you for this nice giveaway. I'd love to read this book.


chey said...

My favourite holiday tradition is baking for the holidays.

chey127 at hotmail dot com

chey said...

My favourite holiday tradition is baking for the holidays.

chey127 at hotmail dot com

chey said...

My favourite holiday tradition is baking for the holidays.

chey127 at hotmail dot com

Beth said...

I love decorating the tree with my kids. We love reminiscing through all the ornaments.

I am a follower.

Belinda M said...

My favorite tradition is to put up the christmas tree with my son

Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat - join us at http://forum.coolcanucks.ca/


Dar said...

I'd love to enter Kristi. My favorite Christmas tradition is getting the tree up with my dad. We get the tree put together and then battle with the lights and garlands. We bicker, snarl and have lots of laughs. Many great memories!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is Christmas Tree Day for our family. I'm talking parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins...the whole crew. There are about 40 of us that head up to the tree farm, take a hayride out to the trees and head out to find the perfect trees. Then, it's a hayride back to the cabin with a big roaring fireplace to warm up, along with hot dogs, hot chocolate and cookies...and Santa too! It's such a fun day and something we all look forward to every year!


Edna said...

I really like her books and would love to win this one, I follow you on your blog and twitter.


rubynreba said...

My Dad reading The Christmas Story from the Bible.

Winning Readings said...

Having a birthday cake on Christmas Eve and singing "Happy Birthday, Jesus."

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

And we posted about this at Winning Readings:


Annette said...

Family anything! I also like to give a gift on Christmas Eve. It's sweet!

Stephanie said...

My favorite holiday tradition is the day after Thanksgiving...no, not Black Friday...it's the day I finally let myself start playing Christmas music! :-)

We just began a new family tradition of brand new jammies on Christmas Eve! :-)

Thanks for the chance -- I loved Cindy Woodsmall's Sisters of the Quilt series!

Laura said...

Making and consuming my mother's fruit salad for Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday tradition of mine. Everyone loves this long-passed down recipe. My contact is lbaas2 at yahoo.com.

lag123 said...

My husband and I have always bought a Hallmark Christmas ornament for each of our girls since they were born. They are 25 and 23 now. Each Christmas they can't wait to come over and see all of their ornaments on the tree. They will not take them for their own trees, they want them on Mom and Dads. We have continued this tradition with our son-in-law and grandson also.


FrankSandy said...

I don't have a favourite tradtion; enter me anyway. walkerd@primus.ca

Cindy said...

I love everything about Christmas! I try to make it as special as I can for my family. It is the one day of the year that my husband, our four grown kids and I are all together at our house! So, that is my favorite holiday tradition = having family together to share the holiday!



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