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Monday, October 26, 2009

Kid's Korner: The Laceyville Monkeys (Book Review)

Title: The Laceyville Monkeys: Say the Right Words
Author: Harriett Ruderman
Illustrator: Beverly Luria
Publisher: Illusion Press, LLC

First sentence:
Three little monkeys
came to Laceyville Town
in just the right month
for a night that's renown.

This is a very clever book on teaching kids the importance of "saying the right words!" It is a rhyming book about a troop of 3 monkeys that will only perform when their owner, Hepzibah, asks them to, using very specific words. When the monkeys are kidnapped and taken to a talent contest by someone other than Hephzibah, because she doesn't ask appropriately, the monkeys will not perform. Of course, Hephzibah comes along and save the day by asking the monkey to perform using the special words.

The book was also illustrated very colorfully and humorously with many pictures of different animals performing silly things. While my son likes this book, I am not sure he got the "lesson" out of it - but who knows - it amazes me sometimes the things he picks up!

About the author: Harriett Ruderman is a communications professional, who has seen the magic of what words can do in reaching goals and fulfilling dreams. Her company, Harriett Ruderman Public Relations, has been saying the right words for top international clients for many years. The Laceyville Monkeys is her first children's book, dedicated to bringing the power of warm, caring words of encouragement and love to children everywhere. (from the book jacket)

About the illustrator: Beverly Luria has been an artist and illustrator for over 25 years. Drawing, watercolor, graphic design and cartooning are her favorite art forms. She is currently working on illustration for a variety of children's stories and illustration for graphic novels. The Laceyville Monkeys is her first children's picture book. (from the book jacket)

***Special thanks to Harriett Ruderman and Bostick Communications for sending me a review copy.***

The Laceyville Monkeys
Publisher/Publication Date: Illusion Press, LLC, March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-615-26482-0
32 pages
Reading Level: 4-8 years old

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Becca said...

I have this book to review as well, Kristi. I am going to take it to read to my pre-k students one day and get their reaction to include in my review. I am going to start reviewing more children's books this way. My review plus 15 or so 4 and 5 year old's reviews. lol


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