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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini Challenge - Collection Obsession

Ok - the title says it all - what else do you collect that is not book related?

I don't actually collect these - but I contribute frequently to my son's collection of Hot Wheels.

What kind of stitcher would I be if I did not collect thimbles! I have been collecting them since my first husband was in the Navy and would go all over the world. The only other country I have been to outside the US is Mexico - but I also have thimbles from Japan, Philippines, Germany, Bahamas.

Again - every stitcher "collects" different threads - the one with the biggest stash wins!

What do you collect????


penney said...

counted cross stitch and I have a bunch of the tubs like your full of floss. My niece's little boy loves cars he would go nuts with all those.

Alix said...

That's a lot of cars :)

You are doing great! Keep reading and having fun!

Kaye said...

Love the halloween needlepoint! keep it up, you are doing great!

Edna said...

I collect books and sewing thread do we need pictures it would take me about 4 to show everything.



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