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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Angel and Apostle by Deborah Noyes (Book Review)

Title: Angel and Apostle
Author: Deborah Noyes

Publisher: Unbridled Books

My Synopsis: Angel and Apostle tells the story of Pearl, Hester Prynne's daughter from The Scarlet Letter. I read The Scarlet Letter about 30 years ago and do not really remember the ending, but you do not need to have read (or remember) The Scarlet Letter to enjoy Angel and Apostle.

The book starts when Pearl is but a child, living with her mother. She is just as punished by the villager's and their children as her mother is, because of the scarlet letter that her mother has to wear.

Pearl stumbles upon Simon sitting in his garden one day as she flees through the woods to get away from the village children. She soon learns that Simon is blind and is watched over by Liza, a woman hired by his father to take care of him and his mother. His mother is very ill and soon dies. Simon's father returns from sea with Nehemiah, Simon's brother and they make plans to return to England. Nehemiah grudgingly accepts Pearl as he sees how much her friendship with Simon means to both of them. This friendship will over shadow many of the choices Pearl makes in her life and will ultimately effect the path she takes.

When the minister dies who had shielded Hester and daughter through the years, Hester becomes distraught. This just fuels the rumors that he is Pearl's father. Hester is once again put in the stocks. It is here that Pearl discovers who her real father is as she overhears him talking to her mother.

Hester is convinced to leave America and so her and Pearl get passage on Simon's father's ship. In England, Pearl grows up, marries, and tries to make a life for herself apart from her mother. I believe that part of her was still shadowed by her mother's scarlet letter and the shame she felt as a child. I am not going to tell you much about her life in England, as I don't want to give any spoilers, so you will need to read the book!

I loved Pearl's voice in this story. It really gave you a sense of the time period and made you feel as if you were there. I will say that I am not sure that I cared for the ending. It felt very abrupt, but it does leave the door somewhat open for a sequel. . . I very much liked the tone of the book though and am looking forward to reading more by Deborah Noyes.

~I was provided this book for review by Unbridled Books.~

Angel and Apostle
Publisher/Publication Date: Unbridled Books, Sept 2006
ISBN: 978-1-932961-29-4
304 pages

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bermudaonion said...

It's been over 30 years since I read The Scarlet Letter, so I don't remember the ending either. I'm glad to know I can read and enjoy this book anyway, because it sounds so good!


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