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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kid's Korner: Two Book Review - Big Trucks and Big Bugs

Title: Big Bugs
Title: Big Trucks
Author: Catherine Ipcizade

Publisher: Capstone Press

My thoughts: I had a lot of fun reading these with my son. I thought that Big Trucks would be his favorite - as he is usually playing with anything with wheels - all the time! Guess what? I was wrong. He loved the Big Bugs book and asked me questions all the way through! Why did the water bug trap the frog? and Did the Goliath bird-eating spiders really eat birds? He also loved trying to guess the names of the different bugs. He did enjoy the Big Trucks book also and knew the names of all the trucks except for the logging truck. When he found out the name though, he did tell me it was because they carried logs!

These books have Big pictures - which he enjoyed, but in the bug book - eww - I didn't enjoy so much. I have a very strong fear of spiders, and the pictures of the tarantulas and the Goliath spider gave me the creeps! For early readers there are very few words with each picture and a nice glossary in the back for any words that they may not know. I have a feeling we will be reading these alot!

Other books in this series include Big Predators and Big Roller Coasters.

~I received these books from Capstone press in exchange for my honest review.~


Julie P. said...

These BIG books look adorable! My son would certainly love the BIG TRUCKS one!

bermudaonion said...

Those both look like boy books!


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