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Monday, January 4, 2010

Kid's Korner: The red, Red Car by Manjula Naraynan (Book Review)

Title: The red Red Car
Author: Manjula Naraynan

Publisher: Author House

My synopsis: I had the opportunity to share this book with my son over the holidays. We had read The green Green Pear which he liked a lot - and since he loves cars anyway, I kind of thought this one would be a winner.

The red Red Car is having anger problems and his anger is making him break all the laws, like running red lights and driving faster than the speed limit. When he enters the Grand Prix his anger is still very much a part of him and as it grows he just gets hotter and hotter. He catches fire and loses consciousness. When he wakes up he realizes that his anger not only hurt others, but hurt himself as well and he sets out to take control of it.

My thoughts: This book came at a good time as lately my son has been acting out his anger by hitting (usually his much older sisters) or throwing his toys. He was able to see first hand how his anger could hurt others when he threw some hot pads off the table because he wanted to be the one to put them there. Not knowing he had done this, I returned to the table with a very hot bowl and my hands got very hot through the hot pads I was using while someone retrieved the ones he had thrown. We were able to tie that incident into the book very well.

This was a fun book to read with lots of bright colorful pictures and a good lesson as well!

~This book was provided for review by Bostick Communications and Manjula Naraynan.~

The red Red Car
Publisher/Publication Date: AuthorHouse, Oct 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4490-3366-8
32 pages


Julie P. said...

I like books that can teach kids a lesson!!! Good review!

Sherrie said...

Sounds like a good book for kids. I like kids books with a purpose and colorful pages. Have a great day!

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