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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bear Portraits by Jill Greenberg (Book Review)

Title: Bear Portraits
Author: Jill Greenberg

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

My thoughts: What a beautiful collection of bear photographs. Many of them look fake, or painted, but they are all real live bears.

In one portrait you see a bear all cuddly and calm - playful even. But the next photo shows one up on his hind legs with their mouth open in what you can only imagine is a ferocious growl.

The following bears are in the photos: Polar bear, Kodiak, European Brown Bear, Black Bear, Russian Brown Bear and Grizzly. There is a cute Who's Who at the end of the book with names and facts of all the bears that were photographed. Interspersed very few pages are also quotes - my favorite being by Christopher Robin - "Silly old bear."

Monkey Portraits is another book available from Jill Greenberg. I will be on the look out for this one as I collected monkey stuffed animals and figurines growing up. While I only have a few stuffed animals left, which I have passed down to my children, I am still fascinated by them.

~I was provided this book for review by Hachette Books.~

Bear Portraits
Publisher/Publication Date: Little, Brown and Company, Nov 2009
ISBN: 978-0-316-03188-2
104 pages


Teddy Rose said...

I really enjoyed this book too. I have it on my coffee table.

Jo said...

I've been seeing this around, and every time I think it looks and sounds good... The cover is certainly gorgeous.


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