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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kid's Korner: Z is for Zoom by Laura Purdie Salas (Book Review)

Title: Z is for Zoom! A Race Car Alphabet
Author: Laura Purdie Salas

Publisher: Capstone Press

My thoughts: What a great book for any child who loves race cars! Each letter is something you would find at a racetrack - like C for checkered flag, Q for Qualify or V for Victory lap. It is followed with a couple of sentences that explain the word or tell how the item is used. There is also a lot of fabulous pictures of race cars and their drivers.

The night that my son and I read it, he was a little restless so didn't really get into it very much. I plan on trying it again on a night when he seems a little more centered. He is really into putting any letters together and asking us what it spells. Most times it is nonsense, but every once in a while he stumbles upon a real word. It is great to have an alphabet of words of something that he is really into - so that when we read them, maybe they will "stick" more!

I was also sent two other books from this series from Capstone Press-

Y is for Yowl! A Scary Alphabet

A is for Arrr! A Pirate Alphabet

I haven't read these with my son yet, but upon looking through them am loving the big pictures and the words they have chosen for each letter. Especially the Y is for Yowl! book - this would be my favorite as I love Halloween and this book would be perfect for that time of year.


Julie P. said...

These sound adorable! I'd love to hear what you think after you read them together. I think we'd enjoy the A is for Arrr!

Jo said...

My nephew is 2, so the family has just been working on the alphabet in general w/ him, but these sound great. Especially A is for Arrr!


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