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Friday, February 19, 2010


Why do they always say that things happen in 3's? For whatever reason, I found that to be true the last 2 weeks.

Last week, after dropping my daughter off at school, I was sitting at a red light waiting to turn left when another car came around the corner too fast and slid into me. No one was hurt - but the estimate for my car is $1400.

The next day I took my little miniature schnauzer, Colby, into the vet and we discovered that she has diabetes - so I now get to give her 2 insulin shots a day - for the rest of her life!

Tuesday of this week my son started running a fever (103) so took him to the doctor and he has strep - and because of my disease they tested me also - and I have strep too!

I am finally feeling better today and hope to get caught up on some of my posts!


bermudaonion said...

Wow, you've had a rough time lately! Hopefully things will be better since you've had your 3 troubles.

Cheryl McInnis said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon, including Colby!

Mary said...

I'm so glad no one was harmed in the crash and I hope you and your son feel better soon. One of my daughters has Type 1 diabetes and I thank God each day that insulin was discovered! I hope your Colby will live a long time - and he will with your care : )

fredamans said...

At least none of the 3 incidents brought death. Chin up, plug on and everyone get well soon!

Nan said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

misskallie2000 said...

Just follow the drs orders and both of you will be back to your normal routine soon.


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