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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Evermore by Alyson Noel (Book Review)

Title: Evermore
Author: Alyson Noel

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

My synopsis: Ever is left to start over with her aunt Sabine in California after a car accident leaves her parents, little sister Riley and dog dead. She is alive, but she is now capable of hearing people's thoughts and seeing their "aura's". The slightest touch of another person catapults her into their thoughts. For this reason, she tries to seclude herself behind baggy clothes, sunglasses and her Ipod becomes her constant companion. It helps to drown out the constant "noise" that now surrounds her. Despite this, she does become friends with two other "misfits" at her new school in California, Miles and Haven.

She also attracts Damen, a super-hot new student, and for the life of her - she cannot understand why he has singled her out. She does what she can to resist him, but discovers that when he touches her, all sound and noise around her is calmed and it is silent. She also cannot read his thoughts and detects no aura around him. For these reasons (despite the "super-hot" factor) she finds herself drawn to him.

Haven, who desperately seeks the attention that she doesn't get from her parents, becomes friends with a long-time acquaintance of Damen's by the name of Drina. Ever also cannot see an aura around Drina, but always gets a really bad feeling when she is around.

As odd as Ever's life is, she begins to wonder who Damen really is and how he seems to know so much, be good at so much, lived in so many places, and have unending wealth - all while being emancipated from his parents. And just how does Drina fit in with his life?

My thoughts: I enjoyed this YA adult book - first of The Immortals series. I liked Ever and though she didn't like her ability to read other's thoughts, wouldn't that be a fun power to have - at least for a little while? I forgot to add above about the fact that she could see her dead sister Riley and carried on conversations with her all the time. I loved their relationship and what they gave up for each other (Riley in the beginning of the book and Ever in the end). I found some of the antics of her little sister to be so typical of a younger sibling - but being a ghost, she could get away with so much more and only Ever could see her.

Her gay friend Miles was also very funny - especially with all his "texting" relationships. Having 2 teenage daughters I can certainly relate to all the texting! Haven was so easily led to do things that I don't think were in her nature - but just because she wanted so desperately to be noticed. If she thought that she was going to gain someone's attention, especially someone like the beautiful Drina, then she was all for it.

I think that I will go on in this series and try the next book, Blue Moon, as I did enjoy this one. I am curious to see where Ever's and Damen's relationship is going to go.

Publisher/Publication Date: St. Martin's Griffin, Feb 2009
ISBN: 978-0-312-53275-8
320 pages


Morgan said...

I really enjoyed this book but I didn't read it, I listened to it. I also loved Miles's humor! So great.

bermudaonion said...

It would be nice to be able to read other people's minds as long as you could do it only when you wanted to. This sounds like a good series.


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