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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ecstasy Unveiled - My review is late!

Today is my day to post my review for Ecstasy Unveiled - but I am not done with the book yet (and it is a good one - oh la la!) But I wanted to post something - so I will remind you that I have a giveaway for this book right now - ends tomorrow at midnight - so hurry! The giveaway post also contains a blurb about the book, so I am not going to repost that here - but I would like to share with you Five Fun Facts from Larissa Ione!

1. Ecstasy Unveiled was written in seven states; Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Yes, much of it was written on the road during a move from Virginia to Wisconsin. (Florida was a vacation!)

2. Idess, the heroine of Ecstasy Unveiled, shares my love of fine Italian chocolate. And fine Italian leather. And Italian food. And Italy.

3. In previous books, characters moved around the world and Sheoul via the Harrowgates, but we never got to actually visit the demon realm. In Ecstasy Unveiled, we get to travel there, and it’s nothing like Italy…

4. The original three brothers in the Demonica series are purebred Seminus demons, a rare breed of incubi. But the hero of Ecstasy Unveiled, Lore, is a half-breed whose human blood has caused his Seminus demon gifts to go wacky. Where his brothers can use their abilities to heal, Lore can only kill, something that puts him at odds with his newfound siblings – and something that was fun to write!

5. In Ecstasy Unveiled, Lore reveals that he made much of his fortune during Prohibition by making and running moonshine. My inspiration for Lore’s choice of career came from my grandfather’s stories of growing up in the south and watching the exciting activities around him.

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