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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mailbox Monday/In My Mailbox 2-15-2010

Mailbox Monday is hosted at The Printed Page or In Your Mailbox at The Story Siren on Sunday. Please stop by those posts and take a look at what packages everybody else got this week!

Strange Neighbors
by Ashlyn Chase

He's just looking for peace, quiet, and a little romance. . .

Hunky all-star pitcher and shapeshifter Jason Falco buys an old Boston brownstone apartment building as an investment. But when Merry MacKenzie moves into the ground floor apartment, the playboy pitcher decides he might just be done playing the field.

On her own for the first time, she just wants to have fun. . .

Jason seems like the perfect fling, but sexy nurse Merry's not sure she's ready to trust him with her heart. . . especially when the tabloids start trumpeting his playboy lifestyle.

Then Pandemonium breaks loose when the vampire who lives in the basement and the werewolf from upstairs join forces to make it almost impossible for Merry and Jason to get it together. . .(back cover)

(Image not available)

I Love This Bar
by Carolyn Brown

She runs the honky tonk beer joint; she doesn't need a single thing else. . .

Daisy O'Dell has her hands full with with hotheads and thirsty ranchers until the day one damn fine cowboy walks in and throws her whole life into turmoil. . .

He's looking for a cold drink and moment's peace, and finds himself one red hot woman. . .

She's just what he needs, if only he can convince her to come out from behind that bar, and come home with him. . .(back cover)

The Weirdo Deluxe presents
The Silver Key

Somewhere in the United States is hidden The Silver Key. All the clues needed to find it are hidden in this album. The first person to solve the puzzle and find the key gets to keep it, and may win a cash prize of $1,000, plus one additional dollar ($1) for every album sold.

Scars and Stilettos
by Harmony Dust

Nineteen-year-old Harmony Dust is trapped. Thousands of dollars in debt, struggling to get by, dominated by her boyfriend: things can't get worse. . .until someone tells her how much money she can make as an exotic dancer. For the next three years, Harmony lives a double life as Monique, a dancer in a fully-nude strip club.

Scars and Stilettos is Harmony's stark, honest, and ultimately hopeful story of how God found her in that dark, noisy place and led her back out. She has since married, completed an MA in Social Welfare, and now leads Treasures, an organization helping women in the sex trade discover their true worth. (back cover)

You Belong to Me
by Kimberly Nee

A marriage of convenience, to a man she'd only just met, was the only way to protect Brenna McIntyre from the cruel viscount determined to have her no matter what.

The only problem was a most unwilling groom.

The last thing Tony Radcliffe wanted, or needed, was a wife - even if their marriage was in name only. Left without a choice, he relented, but remained determined to keep Brenna at arm's length.

The journey from Ireland to America sparks a desire neither had expected, and one too powerful to ignore, even as the shadow of Brenna's past threatens the peace she's found in Tony's arms. (back cover)

Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure
by Allan Richard Shickman

"She began to move warily in a circle as the men tightened the trap, and as they got closer the lioness began to stride and prowl in a circle so small that she almost seemed to be chasing her tail. But she was watching, watching while she turned and snarled, for a weakness in the ever-tightening ring of her pursuers. Then, at the moment the attack finally was sounded--when the men, putting down their drums and torches, charged on the run with their spears -- the lioness saw what she was looking for. One of her enemies was smaller, weaker than the rest. There was a point of the strengthening line that could be broken! Thought merged with furious action and the beast, with a mighty bound of astonishing swiftness, darted toward Zan. Five hundred pounds of snarling fury sprang directly at him with claws bared and fanged mouth open!"

Zan-Gah: A prehistoric adventure has only begun. Pressed by love for his brother and a bad conscience, the hero undertakes a quest which leads to captivity, conflict, love, and triumph. In three years, Zan-Gah passes from an uncertain boyhood to a tried and proven manhood and a role of leadership among his people. This dramatic and impassioned story will thrill and deeply move young adults and older readers. They will dream of Zan-Gah at night, and remember it all of their lives! (back cover)

Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country
by Allan Richard Shickman

"Well past the middle of the night Zan felt a shaking of his shoulder as he slept, and then an impatient foot kicking at him. Instinctively grabbing for his spear, he looked up and saw the orange glow of a torch, and as his eyes adjusted to the invading light he recognized his brother's ghastly face. Dael's dangerous brow was furrowed, and the vein of his forehead bulged under the old scar. His teeth were clenched, and his eyes darted nervously back and forth. His every motion expressed a profound agitation, and Zan knew that what he had been dreading had come.
"It is time, Zan. Let us go!"
"Where? It's dark!"
"I want to find where the river comes from."

The volcanic turbulence that shakes Dael's mind carries him to vicious extremes. It is Zan's task to calm his brother and lead him away from thoughts both destructive and self-destructive. But even the paradise of the Beautiful Country will not erase them. (back cover)

Rumor has It
by Jill Mansell

This man doesn't seem to match is reputation. . .

Newly single Tilly Cole impulsively moves to a small town, only to find she's arrived in a hotbed of gossip, intrigue, and rampant rivalry for the most desirable man -- irresistible Jack Lucas, whose reputation is beyond bad. Tilly has no intention of becoming another notch on his bedpost. But the thoughtful, caring guy she comes to value as a friend doesn't seem to fit the town's playboy image.

Tilly doesn't know what to believe -- and Jack's not telling. (back cover)

by S.J. Parris

Oxford. 1583. The cloistered academic and spiritual home of the most revered scholars in the world. But somewhere within the private chambers of the university, a brutal killer lurks. . .

Giordano Bruno -- monk, scientist, philosopher, and magician -- is wanted by the Inquisition on charges of heresy for his belief in a heliocentric universe. After years on the run throughout Europe, Bruno is mysteriously recruited by Queen Elizabeth I and sent to Oxford on the pretext of a royal visitation. Officially, Bruno is to take part in a debate on Copernican theory; unofficially, he is to find out whatever he can about a Catholic plot to overthrow the queen.

But before Bruno's investigations commence, his mission is dramatically thrown off course when Oxford fellows begin to turn up dead. As he discovers a pattern in the murders, he realizes that he isn't the only one harboring secrets and that no one at Oxford is who he appears to be.

From the gothic manors of the English countryside to the seedy taverns and mysterious bookshops outside the university gates, Bruno's search for clues takes him to places he never knew existed and toward revelations that could threaten the stability of England.

Based on the real-life adventures of Giordano Bruno, this clever and vastly entertaining whodunit is written with the unstoppable narrative propulsion and stylistic flair of the very best historical thrillers. (back cover)

Waking up in the Land of Glitter
by Kathy Cano-Murillo

With glue guns, glitter, twigs, or yarn, the ordinary can become extraordinary. . . especially at La Pachanga. Owned by Estrella "Star" Esteban's family, the restaurant has a rep for two things: good food and great art. La Pachanga brings people together -- even when it looks like they couldn't be further apart.

One ill-fated evening, Star jeopardizes her family's business, her relationship with her boyfriend, and her future career. To redeem herself, she agrees to participate in a national craft competition, teaming up with her best friend, Ofelia -- a secretly troubled mother whose love for crafting borders on obsession; and local celebrity Chloe Chavez -- a determined televsion personality with more than one skeleton in her professional closet. If these unlikely allies can set aside their differences, they'll find strength they never knew they had, and learn that friendship, like crafting, is truly an art form. (back cover)


Kaye said...

ooh, wow, Heresy sounds great! You got such a nice variety of books this week. Have a great week and happy reading! My MM is here

Mary said...

What a list! The Carolyn Brown book sounds good : )

bermudaonion said...

Wow, what a week you had! I bet Rumor Has It is good - I love Mansell's characters.

Amy @ Passages to the Past said...

WOWZA - look at all of your loot! Enjoy!

Here's my mailbox: http://www.passagestothepast.com/2010/02/mailbox-monday_14.html

Serena said...

Rumor Has It is a book I'm waiting on. Heresy looks like a good read. Happy reading.

fredamans said...

Nice loot.


Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

Glitter and Rumor have caught my eye. I'll watch for your reviews. Great mailbox! Enjoy all your new reads!

Renee said...

Great mailbox of books! Happy Reading.

Lori said...

Strange Neighbors looks appealing. Enjoy your books. Here's Mine

tweezle said...

What a lovely batch of books! I'm drooling over them, especially Waking Up in the Land of Glitter. I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

My mailbox haul is here.

Alayne said...

I got Heresy too, and I really like it so far. Happy reading. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

such a variety of books! that's awesome.

Want to enter my Book Lover's Basket Giveaway?? It would help my family a ton in the long run too!!



J.T. Oldfield said...

Heresy looks really good. Can't wait for your review! :)


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