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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Much Overdue Winners!

If you see your name here I have either already emailed you, or one is on the way - seems I have been ending up in spam folders lately, so we may be changing to just notifying winners through a blog post - but until then, I will try to still do it through email also. Please feel free to email me your mailing info if you are listed (kherbrand at comcast dot net) - Here we go!

When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson (all winners confirmed)
1. Misusedinnocence (#69)
2. janetfaye (#80)
3. twifanheather (#117)

Dear John (audio) Nicholas Sparks (all winners confirmed)
1. roswello (#8)
2. Anna (#49)
3. Lori (#72)

Cleaving (audiobook) by Julia Powell
1. Amanda18228 (#30)
2. Hill (#41)
3. BusyBee (#49) - only one confirmed

A Christmas Carol
1. darlanpaulsmomma (#24) - confirmed

The One Day Way by Chantal Hobbs
1. gahome2mom (#6)

The Survivor's Club
1. misusedinnocence (#45)
2. Jane (#19)
3. Jaime (#23)
4. LeeP (#14)
5. ossmcalc/Christine (#72)

A Black Tie Affair
1. elaing8 (#29)
2. Sweet Vernal Zephyr (#49)
3. booklover0226/Tracey D (#67)
4. donnas (#19)
5. Billy Jack (#55)

Seduced By a Rogue
1. Linda Henderson (#34)
2. scottsgal (#2)
3. rubynreba (#24)
4. Sue A (#73)
5. Deborah (#45)

Sleep No More
1.janetfaye (#71)
2. Sue (#40)
3. cherdon (#97)
4. misusedinnocence (#55)

Corked by Kathryn Borel
1. rubynreba (#14)
2. AmandaSue (#7)
3. Martha Lawson (#17)
4. ossmcalc/Christine (#42)
5. Beth (BBRB) (#35)

That's its until tomorrow at midnight! I should have some new giveaways going up next week! I am gearing up for a huge one - spread the word - when I hit 500 followers I am going to be giving away 5 boxes of books - each containing at least 10 books!


elaing8 said...

Thank you.

COngrats to all the winners

rubynreba said...

WOW! I'm lucky today. Two books!
My sincere thanks.

bermudaonion said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

BillyJack said...

Thanks for running these giveaways!
Today I got notification I won!

Congrats to all the other winners!

Jaime said...

Thank you so much

Heather said...

No wins for me. But thats just fine. I enjoy visiting here. Nice to see all the names of those who are going to have happy trips to their mail boxes.

Lee P said...

I am thrilled to have won a copy of The Survivor's Club. I can't wait to start reading this one! Thank you so much for this nice giveaway.

Congratulations to the other winners!

holdenj said...

Whew is right! Congrats to all the winners.

Luanne said...

That is a lot of winners!!

Jane said...

Thank you. Congrats to the winners.


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