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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Legend of the White Wolf by Terry Spear (Book Review)

Title: Legend of the White Wolf
Author: Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

About the book: Faith O'Malley is on the trail of an ex-boyfriend - one who has stolen her father's research notes for a paper he is to present. She has tracked him to Millinocket, Maine - though what he would be doing here she has no idea.

Cameron MacPherson is one of four partners in a detective agency. Two of them have been on a hunt in Maine, and are late returning home. Cameron has come to Millinocket to try and track them down.

As luck would have it, these two people seem to be thrown together again and again by fate. After discovering a body at Back Country Tours, their starting off point on their individual ventures, they decide to stick together. Actually Cameron is very much attracted to Faith and doesn't want her staying alone in the middle of the Maine woods, in a blizzard, with no outside communication.

Back Country Tours is ran by Kintail Silverman and his pack of white wolves. They have been in the area for awhile and the townsfolk are comfortable with the wolves, as they have never caused any trouble. What they don't know is that these white wolves are really Kintail and his pack, which include his wannabe mate Lila, his brother, and now Cameron's two detective friends Owen and David, as well as some others. The arrival of Cameron and Faith is not good for this pack, and Kintail is determined to change Faith for his mate and get rid of Cameron, but when Cameron is bitten by a wolf lunging for Faith, all bets are off.

My thoughts: This was the fourth book in the series that includes Heart of the Wolf and Destiny of the Wolf and To Tempt the Wolf. I have only had the opportunity to read book 3 - which I thoroughly enjoyed and now Legend of the White Wolf. You do not have to read these books together in order to enjoy them, but you will probably be like me then and have a howling desire to go back and read the others! I like the two books I have read of Terry's as she has strong women characters who seem very capable of taking care of themselves. Faith was a very good example of this. She was a forensic scientist who worked for the Portland, Oregon police department. She has seen a lot so it takes a lot to rattle her. Cameron, being a detective and a former police officer is very well suited for her. Fans of paranormal romance would definitely enjoy this series.

Legend of the White Wolf
Publisher/Publication Date: Sourcebooks Casablanca, Feb 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4022-1905-4
384 pages

~I was provided this book for review by Sourcebooks.~


jacabur1 said...

Kristi have not read any of the books yet but am following every review and interview with Terry and someday the series will be mine (I hope) if ever get my TBR pile under control!! Thanks for sharing.

jackie b central texas

misskallie2000 said...

Loved your review and this does sound like a great book. I will be adding to my to buy list...


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